Training Session for Livestock Farm Advisors on Ruminant Nutrition


James W. Oltjen, Ph.D.
Cooperative Extension Animal Management Systems Specialist

Department of Animal Science
One Shields Avenue
University of California
Davis, CA 95616 USA
Phone: +1 530-752--5650
FAX: +1 530-752-0175

A training session for livestock farm advisors on ruminant nutrition was held from Monday August 8 to Tuesday August 9, 2016 in Room 2154 Meyer Hall at University of California Davis.

The objectives of this training session were to bring new CE Livestock Farm Advisors up to speed on ruminant nutrition and the associated issues, and to help them get to know what is happening at UCD.


Monday August 8, 2016
Noon-12:30 pm: Lunch
12:30-1:45 pm: Refresher on Basic Ruminant Nutrition (Dr. James Fadel)
1:45-2:45 pm: Feed/Animal Efficiency and Energetics (Dr. Roberto Sainz)
2:45-3:00 pm: Break
3:00-4:00 pm: Environmental Effects of Nutrition (Dr. Frank Mitloehner)
4:00-5:00 pm: Measuring GHG (Dr. Ermias Kebreab)
5:30-8:00 pm: Dinner hosted by the California Beef Council

Tuesday August 9, 2016
8:00-9:00 am: Minerals and Deficiency Disease (Dr. Bret McNabb)
9:00-10:00 am: NRC for Beef Cattle (Dr. James Oltjen)
10:00-10:15 am: Break
10:15-11:00: am Software Family of Ration Formulation and Evaluation (Dr. Abbas Ahmadi)
11:00 am-Noon: TAURS Demo (Dr. James Oltjen)
Noon: Lunch


  1. brief_overview_of_nutrition2016a.pdf (Dr. James Fadel)
  2. feed-animal_efficiency_and_energetics_in_cattle.mp4 (Dr. Roberto Sainz)
  3. mitloehner_us_livestock_ghg_06_28_2016.pdf (Dr. Frank Mitloehner)
  4. ucce_livestock_advisers_mitloehner_aug_8_2016.pdf (Dr. Frank Mitloehner)
  5. measuring-ghg .pdf (Dr. Ermias Kebreab)
  6. trace_elements_for_livestock_ucd_ans_seminar_august_2016.pdf (Dr. Bret McNabb)
    liver-biopsy.m2v video
  7. nrc-for_beef_cattle.pdf (Dr. James Oltjen)
  8. how_and_when_to_supplement_and_economics_of_supplementation.pdf (Dr. James Oltjen)


Farm Advisors

Betsy Karle
Betsy Karle, Area Dairy Advisor & County Director,. Cooperative Extension Glenn County

Sheila J. Barry
Sheila Barry
, County Director Santa Clara / Livestock and Natural Resources Advisor, San Francisco Bay Area

Devii Rao
Devii Rao
, Area Livestock and Natural Resources Advisor, Cooperative Extension San Benito County

Julie Finzel
Julie Finzel
, Farm Advisor, Cooperative Extension Kern County

Laura Snell
Laura Snell
, Livestock & Natural Resources Advisor, Cooperative Extension Modoc County

Morgan Doran
Morgan Doran
, Director, Advisor for Livestock and Natural Resources, Woodland Administrative Office

Jeff Stackhouse
Jeff Stackhouse
, Livestock and Natural Resource Advisor, Humboldt County Office

Stephanie Larson
Stephanie Larson
, County Director and Livestock Range Management Advisor, UC Cooperative Extension
Santa Rosa,

Roger Ingram
Roger Ingram
, Placer-Nevada County Director and Farm Advisor, Cooperative Extension Placer County

Josh Davy
Josh Davy
, Livestock, Range, and Natural Resources Advisor, Cooperative Extension Tehama County


Tina Saitone
Tina Saitone
, Cooperative Extension Specialist and Lecturer, University of California, Davis

Luke Macaulay,
Luke Macaulay
, Assistant Cooperative Extension Specialistm, University of California, berkeley
Jeremy James
, SFREC Center Director, Sierra Foothill Research & Extension Center

Jim Oltjen
Jim Oltjen
, Cooperative Extension Animal Management Systems Specialist,Department of Animal Science, University of California, Davis


Jim Fadel
Jim Fadel
, Professor,Department of Animal Science,University of California, Davis

Grad Students

 Emily Andreini
Emily Andreini
, Graduate student PhD program in Animal Biology Graduate Group, Major Professor: Dr. James Oltjen


Dan Macon,
Dan Macon
, Herdsman, Sierra Foothill Research & Extension Center (SFREC)

Clint Tipton
Clint Tipton
, Beef Cattle Research Assistant, Sierra Foothill Research & Extension Center, Browns Valley, CA.


  1. Software Family of Ration Formulation and Evaluation
  2. Trace Minerals for California Beef Cattle Website