CTRDAIRY 2018: Windows Version

CTRSAIRY 2018    

“CTRDAIRY” is the only simulation program in the world that evaluates within-day feeding strategies of grazing dairy cows to determine how changing those feeding strategies impacts dairy profitability.

CTRDairy was developed by Dr.’s Peter Robinson and Abbas Ahmadi of our department, in close cooperation with Dr. Pablo Chilibroste and his student Francisco Elizondo of the University of Uruguay in Paysandú (Uruguay). Dr. Chilibroste is a world recognized expert on grazing systems of dairy cattle.

CTRDAIRY is designed to simulate rumen events and digestion of nutrients, as well as predict performance, of lactating dairy cattle as a result of discontinuous feeding patterns using up to three defined 'feeds' fed up to 24 times per day for each feed. A 'feed' could be a hay, silage, pasture, grain, protein meal, mixed supplement or even a totally mixed ration.

The program comes with an extensive feed library and is particularly useful for persons who graze dairy cattle and/or feed barn mixes and/or feed hays or silages along bunk lines. CTRDAIRY can be used to answer questions such as:

  • Q1 - If I graze my cows at 11:00 am rather than at 9:00 am, do I make more or less money?
  • Q2 - What is the best time of the day to supplement grazing cows with a silage and/or grain mix?
  • Q3 - What is the best feeding sequence of grazing and supplementing my grazing dairy cows?


This program is fully compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, andWindows 10

Windows 8 compatibleWindows 10 compatible



CTRDAIRY is written in the VBA language and requires Microsoft Excel 2013 or higher to run. All values are expressed in the Metric system.

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