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Frank M. Mitloehner

Frank M. Mitloehner, Ph.D.

Professor and Air Quality Extension Specialist

Contact Information:
Department of Animal Science
University of California Davis
1 Shields Ave
Davis, California 95616 USA
T: (530) 752-3936
F: (530) 219-0168
F: (530) 752-0175

Office Location: 2151 Meyer Hall


  • M.S.: Agricultural Engineering and Animal Science (Diplom Agrar Ingenieur, Dipl. agr. ing.), University of Leipzig, Germany, 1996
  • Grad studies: Animal Science, University of Goettingen, Germany.
  • Ph.D: Animal Science, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, TX, 2000.


Previous research was conducted in the areas of air quality (dust emission and microbial sampling in feedlot cattle and pigs), environmental physiology (heat stress in cattle and pigs), and ethology.

Current research activities are in two main areas:

  1. Air quality research related to livestock production, especially quantification of ammonia, dust, and odor emissions in dairies, beef feedlots, and poultry operations. Main objective is to help establishing environmentally benign livestock systems.
  2. Environmental physiology research, focusing on effects of air emissions on animal health and welfare.

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 Current Lab Members


Yongjing Zhao
Yongjing Zhao, Ph.D. | Dec. 2003 to present

Yongjing Zhao is a project scientist in the Air Quality Research Center of UC Davis and works in three departments: Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Applied Science, and Animal Science. He is interested in all experimental air quality research including measurements of gases and particles in the atmosphere, developments of new monitoring instruments and control systems, and analyzes of experimental data. Based on the observational results, understanding the progress of formation, emission, and transport of various pollutants and their effects on climate, environment, and human health are also his research interests. For more information visit his website.


Yuee Pan
YueePan | April 2005 to present

"Yuee Pan is currently a Lab assistant in UC Davis Air Quality Research Center. She also works in the departments of Animal Science and Applied Science. Her major research interests are all Air Quality Research which involves preparing experiments, operating analytical equipments, analyzing experimental data, and interpreting the scientific results.


Veronica Arteaga | October 2004 to present
Staff Research Associate, Department of Animal Sciences

Veronica is a Staff Research Associate. She is currently working on the Coalition for Sustainable Egg Supply, Poultry Worker Health study in collaboration with the Center for Health and Environment. Her interests include occupational health and environmental justice.


Clayton Neumeier
Clayton Neumeier | September 2009 to present
Third year Ph.D. student

Clayton Neumeier is a Ph.D. student in the Animal Biology Graduate Group at University of California, Davis in the laboratory of Dr. Frank Mitloehner. He completed his Bachelor’s degree in Dairy Science at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo in 2008 and Master’s degree in Animal Biology at UC Davis in 2011. His current research focuses on nutritional means to reduce eructated greenhouse gases from beef and dairy cattle. He aspires to pursue a faculty career researching the environmental mitigation of livestock production and the contribution of livestock to global food security.


Samantha Werth
Samantha Werth | March 2011 to present
M.S. Candidate

Samantha started work in the Dr. Mitloehner’s Lab as an undergraduate intern in March 2011. She obtained her B.S. in Animal Science with an emphasis in Livestock and Dairy Production from the University of California, Davis in June 2012, and is now continuing in Dr. Mitloehner’s Lab as a Master’s Student. Her research interests are focused on the interrelationship between livestock production and resulting environmental impacts as well as the role livestock production can play on minimizing food insecurity both nationally and globally. Samantha hopes to focus her research on maximizing livestock production while minimizing resulting environmental impacts throughout the production life cycle.


Mathhew Cohen
Mathew Cohen | November 2009 to present
First year M.S. student

Mathew Cohen is a first year M.S. student.


Carlyn Peterson | September 2013 to present
First year M.S. student

Carlyn Peterson is a first year Master's student in the Mitloehner Laboratory. She obtained her B.S. in Animal Science with a specialization in Livestock and Dairy from the University of California, Davis in September 2012. Her previous research experiences include working as a Junior Specialist in Feline Genetics in which she assisted with the discovery of multiple mutations. Carlyn hopes to further explore livestock production and environmental physiology in her time at the Mitloehner Laboratory.


Elizabeth Schusterman
Elizabeth Schusterman | September 2013 to present
First year M.S. student

Liz Schusterman received her B.S. in Animal Science and a minor in Business Administration from Texas A&M University in 2012. Her interest focuses on improving environmental quality by reducing greenhouse gas emissions through the manipulation of the rumen and the utilization of nutritional supplements, especially in dairy cattle. Eventually, she would like to specialize in water buffalo dairy production.


Alexandra Taylor
Alexandra Taylor | January 2011 to present
Undergraduate: Senior
Major: Animal Science, emphasis in large animal

Alex Taylor has been interning in the lab since her freshman year which has solidified her interest in large animal research. She plans to attend graduate school for her Master’s degree before either applying to veterinary school or a dual degree program to earn her PhD as well. She hopes to work with beef or dairy cattle, and is interested in researching new methods of sustainability within animal agriculture. She is also interested in further researching the effects that public policy has on management techniques and how the industry adjusts to these changes.  


Neena Kashyap
Neena Kashyap | January 2012 to present
Undergraduate: Senior
Major: Animal Science

Neena Kashyap is going into her fourth year as an Animal Science major. She is interested in studying the effects of agriculture on the environment, and the pharmaceutical and dietary solutions to minimizing this impact. After graduation, she is looking to go to graduate school for animal science. Her other interests include playing ultimate frisbee, being outdoors, and eating desserts!


Sarah Hartman
Sarah Hartman | January 2012 to present
Undergraduate: Senior
Major: Animal Science

Sarah Hartman is a 4th year animal science undergraduate and is working on her specialization. She has enjoyed working in the Mitloehner lab since her sophomore year and is excited to continue researching with the group. Sarah's favorite part of the lab is the variety of opportunities available to work on, which range from researching, hands on animal experience, and driving tractors at the feedlot


Joseph Dorsch
Joseph Dorsch | March 2012 to present
Undergraduate: Senior
Major: Animal Science

Joseph Dorsch is an undergraduate student majoring in Animal Science. Joseph plans to attend graduate school to study Animal Biology and possibly continue on to Veterinary School with a focus on large food animals. He interns for the large animal surgery suite at the Center for Laboratory Animal Science. Joseph grew up on a family farm and is passionate about raising livestock. He is also a member of the club gymnastics team.


Benjamin Kumtong
Benjamin Kumtong | April 2012 to present
Undergraduate: Senior
Major: Animal Science

Benjamin Kumtong is an undergraduate Animal Science major with an emphasis in Physiology. He works as a student intern in Mitloehner’s lab and is pursuing his goal to attend UC Davis Graduate School after.


Ellen Lai
Ellen Lai | July 2012 to present
Undergraduate: Senior
Major: Animal Science

Ellen Lai began interning last summer, kindling her interest in mitigating the environmental impact of agriculture. After graduation, she plans to go to grad school and pursue a career using biotechnology to improve the sustainability of agriculture.