Trish Berger

Courses Taught

NPB 121. Physiology of Reproduction(4)

II. Berger. Lecture-3 hours, discussion -1 hour. Prerequisite: course 101. Physiological mechanisms related to reproduction, breeding efficiency, and fertility, with special reference to domestic animals

NPB 121L. Physiology of Reproduction Laboratory(1)

II. Berger. Laboratory-3 hours. Prerequisite: course 121 recommended (may be taken concurrently). Experiments on the reproductive systems of domestic animals including male and female gametes.

PGG 222. Mammalian Gametogenesis and Fertilization(3) III

Berger. Lecture/discussion-3 hours. Prerequisite: Neurobiology, Physiology and Behavior 121 or equivalent. Course will emphasize our current understanding of events in mammalian gametogenesis and the fertilization process. Published results, conclusions drawn from these results, and their contribution to our understanding will be discussed.

ABG 200A. Integrated Animal Biology I (3) I

Berger, DePeters. Lecture/discussion – 3 hours. Prerequisite: graduate standing; Biological Sciences 101 or the equivalent or the consent of the instructor. Natural history, management, historical and current uses, and specialized disciplinary features of model and novel animal systems used in research. Development of conceptual approaches in organismal biology to improve experimental design and interpretation of interdisciplinary research studies.