Wesley W. Weathers



Dr. William A. Buttemer

Dr. William A. Buttemer, Postdoctoral Scholar 1981-83
Current position: Professor and Chair in Physiological Ecology at Deakin University, Victoria, Australia

Dr. Marcus Webster

Dr. Marcus Webster, Postdoctoral Scholar 1986-89
Current position: Professor of Biology, Saint John’s University

Dr. Erick Greene

Dr. Erick Greene, Postdoctoral Scholar 1988-90
Current position: Professor of Biology, University of Montana

David J. Anderson

Dr. David J. Anderson, Postdoctoral Scholar 1989-92
Current position: Professor of Biology, Wake Forest University

Karen L. Gerhart

Dr. Karen L. Gerhart, Postdoctoral Scholar 1995-97
Current position: Acorn Meadows Equine, Solano Community College & Lecturer, UC Davis

Graduate Students

Donald R. Powers

Dr. Donald R. Powers, Ph.D. Ecology 1989
Current position: Professor of Biology and Chemistry, George Fox University

Rodney B. Siegel

Dr. Rodney B. Siegel, Ph.D. Ecology 1998
Current position: Executive Director, Institute for Bird Populations

Dr. Peter J. Hodum

Dr. Peter J. Hodum, Ph.D. Ecology 1999
Current position: Assistant Professor of Biology, University of Puget Sound

Dr. John P. Kelly

Dr. John P. Kelly, Ph.D. Ecology 2000
Current position: Director, Audubon Canyon Ranch, Cypress Grove Reserve

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