Thomas R. Famula

Courses Taught

ANG201D. Quantitative and Population Genetics(5) 

Lecture—5 hours. Prerequisite: course 201A or consent of instructor. Basic concepts of quantitative and population genetics including gene and genotypic frequencies, multiple factor hypothesis, phenotypic and genotypic values, heritability, selection, genetic variation, the detection of quantitative trait loci and evolution in populations. Experimental and analytical methods.—II. (II.) Famula, Neale, Shaw

ANG 206. Advanced Domestic Animal Breeding (3) III

Famula. Lecture-3 hours Prerequisite: course 107 and Animal Science 205; course 204 recommended. Procedures for the genetic evaluation of individuals to include selection indices and mixed model evaluation for single and multiple traits. Methods of estimating genetic trends. Offered in alternate years.

ANS 001. Domestic Animals and People (4) I

Famula. Lecture-3 hours; laboratory-3 hours. Animal domestication and factors affecting their characteristics and distribution. Animal use for food, fiber work, drugs, research and recreation, present and future roles in society. Laboratory exercises with beef and dairy cattle, poultry, sheep, swine, laboratory animals, fish, horses, meat and dairy products. GE credit: SciEng, Wrt.