Ermias Kebreab

Courses Taught

ABG250 Mathematical Modeling in Biological Systems (4)

Lecture/discussion – 4 hours. Prerequisite: (1) Calculus including differential equations. A full year of calculus is recommended but one semester or two quarters will be sufficient. (2) PLS 120, STA 100 or equivalent. Biochemistry recommended.

Principles of mathematical modeling. All aspects of model development are taught with weekly assignments to reinforce the lessons. four basic types of modeling – mechanistic (compartment analysis, tracers), growth functions, linear programming, and meta-analysis are taught. Also covers model evaluation and sensitivity analysis. The course is also offered online worldwide.

ANS 112. Sustainable Animal Agriculture (3)

Lecture/discussion—3 hours. Prerequisite: Biological Sciences 2B or course 1; Statistics 100 or Plant Sciences 120 recommended. Current applications of sustainable animal agriculture including the challenges of animal production, animal needs, animal well-being, and protection of the environment and resources for future food supply systems. Various scenarios for meeting sustainability objectives are evaluated using computing modeling. GE credit: SciEng or SocSci | OL, QL, SE or SS.—III. (III.) Kebreab

ANS 148. Enterprise Analysis in Animal Industries (4)

Lecture/discussion—4 hours. Prerequisite: course 141 or 145 or 147 or consent of instructor. Examination and application of decision making and problem solving in the production enterprise. The areas of production analysis, problem solving, risk analysis and cost-benefit analysis will be examined in terms of the total enterprise. GE credit: SocSci, Wrt | OL, QL, SS, WE.—III. (III.) Kebreab