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Livestock Systems Management
UC Cooperative Extension

UC Davis - The University of California, Davis

James W Oltjen


Amanda Price

Master Program
Major Professor: Dr. James Oltjen

Phone: (530) 758-4142
FAX: (530)752-0175
E-mail: isrite@jps.net


B.S., Animal Science, UC Davis, Davis, CA 1999
M.S., Animal Science, University California Davis, (In Progress).

Project: Reducing contamination of animal feed by pathogens of human health significance.

Research has proven that animal feed contaminated with pathogens can cause infection in humans who consume the animal products from those animals. My research project will look at three areas of this issue.
  • Prevalence of pathogens in animal feed. A lot of research has already been done in this area, so this will probably be a minor part of my research.
  • Reduction of pathogens/microbes in animal feed. One area I am considering is the use of pulsed UV radiation to kill microbes.
  • Effect of pathogen-free feed on the prevalence of pathogens (from other on-farm sources) at slaughter or effect of pathogen-free feed on the growth of pathogens in the animal's gastrointestinal tract.
  • If time allows, I would also like to research the use of competitive exclusion to minimize attachment/growth of pathogens in the gastrointestinal tract.