Peter H. Robinson

Excel Spreadsheets

These free spreadsheets are in Microsoft Excel format.  To view and print them you must have Microsoft Excel (version 4.0 or higher) installed on your computer.

How to download

Do not double click on the highlighted files, otherwise a dialog box appears asking you about a valid user name and password.   Right click on the highlighted file name.  A menu appears. Choose the "Save target as" option. A dialog box appears. Save the Excel file onto your C drive.

Date Title Excel 2000 Excel 95
Dec 2013 Predicting Milk Losses Due To Lameness 2013_12_PrdBLS.xls Not Needed
Dec 2011 Predicting Dry Matter Intake of Lactating Dairy Cows PrdDMI5OrgFeedLib.xls Not needed
Dec 2009 NRCS Practice 592 Feed Management Documentation Form NUE Calculator 2010Final.xls Not needed
Jun 2003 Predicting Dry Matter Intake in Lactating Dairy Cows PredDMI.xls PredDMI95.xls
Nov 2002 Predicting The Energy Value Of Feedstuffs From Analyses PrdNRGFeed.xls PrdNRGFeed95.xls
Aug 2000 Predicting Protein Requirements of Lactating Dairy Cows PTN.xls PTN95.xls
Mar 2000 Calculating the Energy Requirements of Dairy Cows NRGREQ.xls NRGREQ95.xls
Dec 1999 Predicting the DIP and UIP of Feedstuffs from Feed Analyses Protein.xls Protein95.xls

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