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Horse Day


A Hands-On Approach to

Equine Topics

October 26th, 2013



  The UC Davis Animal Science Department introduces a new approach to Horse Day to be held at our Animal Science Horse Barn facility.  It will be a day filled with hands-on workshops dedicated to continuing education for the horse owner and enthusiast.  Tired of sitting in lecture halls?  Our new “Round Robin” venue will allow YOU, the attendee, to pick and choose those workshops that are of interest to YOU! A whole group presentation will occur both at lunch time and at the end of the day.  Whether your interests lie with reproduction, conformation or nutrition, there is sure to be something to attract you to our NEW Horse Day venue!  This day gives you the chance to interact with the animals, talk to the experts and be more involved with the material.  Come and join us for a day filled with new and exciting interactive information.

    Speakers to Include:


Joel Viloria       

Equine Facilities Supervisor

Department of Animal Science

University of California, Davis

Presenting: Tour of the Horse Barn and the Equine Reproduction Journey and the Equine Appraisal: Why You May Need One


Diane Rhodes, DVM

Equine Medicine Resident

UC Davis Veterninary Medical Teaching Hospital

Presenting: Pre Purchae Exam and Why It Can Be Important to You


Clair Thunes, MS, PhD

Equine Nutrition Lecturer

Department of Animal Science

University of California, Davis

Presenting: Starch: Does it Belong in Your Horse's Ration and Understanding Forage, the Foundation of Your Horse's Diet


Kirk Adkins

Certified Farrier and Farrier Science Lecturer

Department of Animal Science

University of California, Davis

Presenting: Leg Dissection


Joe Magistri and Trevor Gossett

Professional Horse Shoers

Presenting: Working with Your Horse; So Your Horse Can Work with Your Farrier


Sundowner Trailers of California

Presenting: Trailer Maintenance and What You Should Know Before You Load


Sue Stover, DVM, PhD

Professor of Musculoskeletal Anatomy, Biomechanics, and Pathology

Supervisor for the JD Wheat Veterinary Orthopedic Research Laboratory

UC Davis Veterninary Medical Teaching Hospital

Presenting: Bone Biology and Overuse Injury


Craig London and the Rock Creek Pack Station

Professional Packing Operation

Presenting: Pack Scramble


Rancho El Afortunado

Breeders and Owners of Pura Raza Espanola Andalusians

Presenting: Andalusian Showcase


Horse Day 2013 Schedule



  • $30 per person Pre-Register

  • $40 per person on the Day of

  • Discount for groups of 10 or more: $25 per person Pre-Registration Only

  • Discount for children under 14: $20 per child

  • BBQ Lunch: $8 per person


  • Check, Money Order, Credit Card only for pre-registration.  Credit Card payments must be made through the online registration link below. Cash is accepted for at the door registrations.  Please make checks or money orders payable to UC REGENTS.


  • You may pre-register or register at the door.  All pre-registrations must be received by October 11th, 2013.

Please fill out the Registration Form and mail to:

Valerie Ozella

Department of Animal Science

University of California

One Shields Ave

Davis, CA 95616




Register and Pay with CC Online


  More Information: 

  • Please call Valerie Ozella at 530-752-1250 or email vmozella@ucdavis.edu