Merits and Promotions

The Merits and Promotions are hosted on the password protected UC Davis Smart Site named "ANSCI Merits and Promotions". To access this site, follow these steps:

  1. Point your web browser to:
  2. The main page of the Smart Site appears.
  3. Click the "LOGIN" button at the top right corner. A dialog box appears.
  4. For the Login Id field, enter your campus user name. Do not use your departmental user name.
  5. For the Passpharase field, enter your campus password. Do not use your departmental password.
  6. Click the LOG IN button. The main page of your Smart Site appears
  7. On the top menu bar, click on the "My Sites" option. A list of your sites appears
  8. Choose the "ANSCI Merits and Promotions" site form the list. The main page of the site appears.
  9. Click the "Click Here to Enter" button to enter the site.