We have a free Skype account for Skype meetings. Our Skype Media Cart provides the audio and video inputs for Skype meetings. Microsoft now allows the Group Call and Screen Sharing for free.


  1. Roll in the Skype Media Cart from the Server room to Bradford room.
  2. Plug the Skype Media Cart to the wall power outlet.
  3. Connect the Skype Media Cart to the built-in desktop computer via the USB 3 cable.
  4. Log on to the Podium desktop as Presenter.
  5. Run Skype and log on using special username and password.

Windows Speaker

  1. In the Windows, right click on the speaker icon at the lower right corner of the desktop and select the “Playback devices” option. A list of one or more speakers appears
  2. Right click on a speaker and select the “Test” option.
  3. Repeat this test with all listed speakers and set the one that works as the default speaker.

Skye Microphone and Speaker

  1. In Skype, click “Tools” then “Options”.
  2. Select the “Audio Settings”.
  3. For Microphone select the “Microphone (4-USB audio CODEC)” option to use the table-top conference microphone as your mic. Make sure when you talk the Volume bar of mic shows activity.
  4. Do NOT select the microphone of Logitech HD Pro Webcam C910. Do NOT select the built-in microphone, if any.
  5. For Speaker select the “Speaker: (High Definition Audio Device)” to use the monitor-mounted speaker of the podium computer as your speaker. Make sure to test the speaker.

Skye Webcam

  1. In Skype, click “Tools” then “Options”.
  2. Select the “Video Settings”.
  3. Select the “Logitech HD Pro Webcam C910”.
  4. Do NOT select the built-in webcam, if any.


  1. Logitech Webcam C920
  2. MXL AC404 USB Conference Microphone

pdf iconInstructions and System Components