Web CMS Service

What is a Web Content Management System (Web CMS)?


Generally, a Web Content Management System (Web CMS) is an application that stores and organizes Web content, as well as information about how the content can be used and presented. A Web CMS allows users with little technical knowledge to create and manage Web content with relative ease. This reduces the costs of creating and maintaining websites and frees highly trained staff for other technical work more appropriate for them.

Why Cascade Server?

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In 2007, following a comprehensive product evaluation, a group of representatives from across the university selected Cascade Server, a Web CMS produced by Hannon Hill, as the best product to meet the goals of the service. The product meets all the highest-priority requirements established at the outset of the selection process. Hannon Hill’s primary market segment is higher education. Current UC Cascade Server clients include UC Davis, UC Davis School of Law, UC Hastings College of Law, UC Irvine, UC Office of the President, UC San Diego and UC Santa Cruz.

Homepage of the Campus Web CMS

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