Postgraduate Certificate

Postgraduate Certificate in Animal Science

Statement of Program Aim

The Department of Animal Science, University of California, Davis, in collaboration with UC Davis Extension, offers a one-year certificate program to advance students' training in the disciplines of animal science. Depending upon the students' interests, the emphasis in training can be individually tailored to animal breeding and genetics, animal nutrition, animal physiology or animal behavior, including the special demands of training in the husbandry of aquatic animals. This training will combine course work, laboratory instruction and possibly field work in animal science and related disciplines.

Maximum Enrollment

Ten students.

Student Prerequisites

A TOEFL score of 550 or better is required for nonnative English speakers. Students are expected to have a minimum of a Bachelor of Science degree in animal science or a related discipline.


Departmental fee: $2500 per year

Contact Faculty Member

Dr. Trish Berger
Department of Animal Science
University of California
One Shields Avenue
Davis, CA 95616-8521 USA

Suggested Courses

Breeding and Genetics

Course Number Course Name Units Quarters
ANG 107 Genetics and Animal Breeding 5 Fall
ANG 204 Theory of Quantitative Genetics 3 Winter
ANG 111 Molecular Biology Laboratory Techniques 4 Winter
ANG 206 Advanced Domestic Animal Breeding 3 Spring

Animal Nutrition

Course Number Course Name Units Quarters
NUT 115 Animal Feeds and Nutrition 4 Winter
NUT 254 Applications of Systems Analysis in Nutrition 3 Winter Alternate years
APC 484 Ruminant Nutrition and Physiology 3 Spring
NUT 123 Comparative Animal Nutrition 3 Spring


Course Number Course Name Units Quarters
NPB 101 Systemic Physiology 5 All Quarters
NPB 130 Physiology of the Endocrine Glands 4 Fall
PGG 220 General and Comparative Physiology of Reproduction 3 Spring
NPB 121 Physiology of Reproduction 3 Winter
ANS 124 Lactation 4 Winter
ANS 123 Animal Growth and Development 4 Spring
NPB 117 Avian Physiology 3 Spring


Course Number Course Name Units Quarters
ANS 104 Principles of Domestic Animal Behavior 3 Spring
ANS 105 Domestic Animal Behavior 2 Fall
ANS 103 Animal Welfare 3 Fall
ANS 106 Domestic Animal Behavior Laboratory 2 Winter


Course Number Course Name Units Quarters
ANS 18 Introductory Aquaculture 4 Fall
WFC 120 Biology and Conservation of Fishes 3 Fall
WFC 120L Laboratory in Biology and Conservation of Fishes 1 Fall
ANS 118 Fish Production 4 Winter
WFC 121 Physiology of Fishes 4 Winter
ABT 161 Water Quality Management for Aquaculture 3 Winter
ANS 119 Invertebrate Aquaculture 4 Spring
ANS 131 Reproduction and Early Development in Aquatic Animals 4 Spring
ANS 136A Aquatic Animal Growth Laboratory 2 Fall
NUT 124 Nutrition and Feeding of Finfishes 3 Fall


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