Dairy Cows


Lab Members

Graduate Program

I am looking for students interested in researching challenges in dairy nutritional management with immediate practical application, that concurrently increase understanding of the biology of the system under study, in order to increase predictability of responses of dairy cows to nutritional management systems.

Current Graduate Students

photo of rainey rosemond

Ms. Rainey Rosemond stared an MS program in July 2019 in the area of dairy cattle nutrition..

Tamar Cohen-Davidyan

Ms. Tamar Cohen-Davidyan started an MS program in September 2017 in the area of dairy farm manure management.

Current Visiting Fellows

Maria Noel Pereira

Ms. Maria Noel Pereira is visiting from early May to late June 2019 to learn about handling complex and large dairy study datasets.

Nadia Swanepoel

Dr. Nadia Swanepoel (South Africa) started a 8-year visit in summer 2011 to study the value of canola meal in diets of lactating cows.

Past Graduate Students

Hanna Gauthier

Ms. Hanna Gauthier completed an MS program in the area of nutritional value of canola meal in August 2017.

Yoki Okatsu

Ms. Yoki Okatsu completed an MS program in fall 2017 in the area of peripheral face spoilage in corn silage piles.

Noe Gomez

Mr. Noe Gomez completed an MS program in June 2016 in the area of breeding strategies for dairy cows.

Jill Havlin

Dr. Jill Havlin completed an MS program in May 2012 and a PhD program in December 2014 in the area of fat metabolism of lactating dairy cows.

Grace Cun

Ms. Grace Cun completed an Animal Science Certificate program in early 2011 in the area of feeding rice straw to dairy heifers.

Stacy Tsang

Ms. Stacy Tsang finished an MSc program in the fall of spring of 2011 in the area of Niacin as a modulation of heat stress in dairy cattle.

Matt Singer

Dr. Matt Singer finished an MSc in June 2007 in the area of rumen fermentation modifiers.

Jesse Warntjes

Mr. Jesse Warntjes finished an MSc in March 2006 in the area of fatty acid supplements for dairy cows.

 Sergio Burgos

Dr. Sergio Burgos finished an MSc in June 2004 in the area of nutrition of lactating dairy cattle with an emphasis on environmental impacts.

Shannon Juarez

Ms. Shannon Juarez finished an MSc in May 2002 in the area of the impact of lameness on dairy cattle behavior with emphasis on commercial applications.

Past Visiting Fellows

photo of Rainier van Heerden

Mr. Rainier van Heerden visited from early March through late April to learn the urine allantoin procedure, and complete assays on samples collected from cattle.

Henco Leicester

Mr. Henco Leicester (South Africa) visited from January through August 2014 to complete a study on use of yeasts as additives in dairy rations.

Rainer Rauch

Mr. Rainer Rauch (South Africa) visited from January to September 2010 to complete a study on use of buffers in rations of lactating dairy cows.

Marta Santos

Ms. Marta Santos (Portugal) visited from September 2007 to July 2008 to complete studies on nutritional value of rice straw as a forage for replacement dairy heifers and on the impact of an essential oil compound on performance of lactating dairy cows.

Nadia Swanepoel

Ms. Nadia Swanepoel (South Africa) visited from March to September 2007 to complete a study on the impact of ruminally protected lysine on dairy cow productivity.

Filipa Sacadura

Ms. Filipa Sacadura (Portugal) visited from March to September 2006 to complete a study on the impact of a ruminally protected B Vitamin complex on dairy cow productivity.

Leonel Avendano

Dr. Leonel Avendano (Mexico) visited from September to December (2005) to write up projects in cooling of dry cows, breeding strategies of sheep, and use of growth promoters in beef cattle.

Pablo Chilibroste

Dr. Pablo Chilibroste (Uruguay) visited between June 6 and August 21, 2003 to model discontinuous eating patterns in cattle on pasture.

Vasileios Bampidis

Dr. Vasileios Bampidis (Greece) visited between July and December, 2003 to complete an study to measure VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) output from cattle.

Girma Getachew

Dr. Girma Getachew (Ethiopia) completed his study of application of novel feed analysis methods for estimating the energy and feeding value of ruminant feedstuffs in December 2003.