The Barn

Horse Barn

The Animal Science Horse Barn is a student labor force run facility.  Each year approximately 10-15 students help keep the barn running, maintained and fed.  Here you can meet the group that keeps the UC Davis Animal Science Department Horse Barn running.

Amy McLeanEquine Operations Supervisor: Dr. Amy McLean

Dr. Amy McLean has had a life long passion for equids with long ears! She grew up on a donkey and mule farm in Georgia where her family raised gaited mules, spotted mammoth donkeys and Poitous.  She has devoted her professional career to conducting donkey and mule research that focuses on improved management and well being of these animals. She earned her PhD from Michigan State University, where she studied methods to improve working donkey welfare in Mali, West Africa. She has conducted research with donkeys, mules, and hinnies in many countries with the continued focus of improving welfare of working equids. Most recent studies have included evaluating mule and hinny blood chemistry in Spain, Portugal and Colombia as well as mule behavior studies in Egypt and Peru. In 2014, McLean was a recipient of a visiting researcher grant sponsored by the EU, where she traveled to Torino, Italy to work with the University of Torino Veterinary Medicine Program to study dairy donkey nutrition and welfare indicators. She has worked with equids in 23 countries.

Professionally, she has been an assistant professor at North Carolina State University in Raleigh, NC, an Equing Lecturer and Equine Specialist at the University of Wyoming where she developed their equine program from scratch and most recently worked as the International Director of Market Development for the American Quarter Horse Association in Amarillo, Texas. She has coached both collegiate and youth World Champion Horse Judging teams. In her spare time, McLean remains active in the industry by serving as a board of director for the American Mule Association, serving on the steering committee for the Donkey Welfare Symposium  and as a member of the AAEP Equitarian Initiative.   The Equitarians primarily work in Central and South America providing free veterinary care and education to communities relying on working equids. Also, Amy has been very active in showing performance mules. Her most recent multiple world champion mule, Wild Bill was inducted into the 2016 Mule Hall of Fame. She hopes the research and information she can provide to the industry will help improve overall the welfare of working equids to ultimately improve the wellbeing of those they serve.

Stallion Managers: Kayla Wigney, Erica Falk, Erin McCarty

Foal Managers: Sandra Walther, Natalia Sachs, Raul Gonzales, Katie Ott

Breeding Manager: Madison Seeley

Barn Residents: Hanna Hone and Cece LaFave