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This year's Annual Production Sale includes weanlings, yearlings, two year olds and several broodmares. These horses have been worked with and trained by our Foal Managers. They have been trained for parades, the farrier, hotwalker, roundpen, clippers and even saddle broke. We like to emphasize that our yearlings are better trained than most people's three year olds. Whether you are looking for a Quarter Horse or an Azteca, UC Davis Horse Barn is the place to buy. As always "The Proof is in the Progeny"

Sale Order: 1 Name Pending


Tiztuff Face

2015 Brown TB/Appendix QH Filly
DOB: 2/2/15 AQHA #: Pending
Im the Town Sleeper x Tiztuff

Sale Order: 2 Name Pending

Lightning Juice

2015 Chestnut QH Filly
DOB: 5/3/15 AQHA #: Pending
Dun Walla Walla x Lightnin Juice

Sale Order: 3 Name Pending

Chex Whiz

Chex Whiz Face

2015 Bay QH Filly
DOB: 4/30/15 AQHA #: Pending
Lenas Valor x Chex Whiz

Sale Order: 4 Name Pending

Bills Hickory Lynx

2015 Chestnut QH Filly
DOB: 5/15/15 AQHA #: Pending
West Side Rambler x Bills Hickory Lynx

Sale Order: 5 Name Pending


2015 Gray PRE Filly
DOB: 4/14/15 PRE #: Pending
Jocoso LXXI x Tinerfena

Sale Order: 6 Crowd Control

Crowd Control

2004 Grey TB Mare
DOB: 3/2/2004 Jockey Club #: 0408177
Cee's Tizzy x Work the Order

Sale Order: 7 Name Pending


Plumb Head Shot

2015 Red QH Molly Mule
DOB: 4/23/15 AMSA #: Pending
UCD Actions Protege x Plumbjewelofarose

Sale Order: 8 Name Pending

April Fools Chex

April Fool Chex Face

2015 Bay QH Gelding
DOB: 2/23/15 AQHA #: Pending
Dun Walla Walla x April Fool Chex

Sale Order: 9 Name Pending

All That Yellow

All That Yellow Face

2015 Palomino Breeding Stock Paint Filly
DOB: 4/30/15 APHA #: Pending
Reygans Smart Lena x All That Yellow

Sale Order: 10 Name Pending


2016 Bay Warmblood/TB Cross Colt
DOB: 2/23/16 Selle Francais Cross Eligible for Registration with the American
Warmblood Registry
Bas Blanc x Rockville Tizzy

Sale Order:11 Scotty


Bay QH Cross Gelding
Green Broke to Ride

Sale Order: 12 Name Pending

Grays Crome

Grays Crome Face

2015 Bay QH Gelding
DOB: 2/16/15 AQHA #: Pending
Dun Walla Walla x Grays Crome

Sale Order: 13 Name Pending


Marty Head Shot

2015 Black Percheron John Mule
DOB: 6/16/15 ASMA #: Pending
Action Jackson x Marty