Teaching, Research and Extension Faculty

Trish Berger

Trish Berger, Ph.D. - Professor

Emai1: tberger@ucdavis.edu, Phone: +1 530-752-1267

Research: Fertilization and fertility; gamete membrane interaction at the molecular level, including species comparisons and species variation; effect of environmental stresses; Sertoli cell proliferation and testicular development.

Graduate Groups: Animal Biology

Richard Blatchford

Richard A. Blatchford, Ph.D. - Assistant Extension Specialist: Poultry

Email: rablatchford@ucdavis.edu, Phone: +1 530-752-8763

Research: Husbandry, behavior, and welfare of small to large scale poultry operations; effects of housing design and management techniques on laying hens and broilers; development of on- farm assessment tools.

David Bunn

David Bunn, Ph.D. - Assistant Adjunct Professor

Email: dabunn@ucdavis.edu, Phone: +1 530-752-3122

Research: Livelihoods and food security of the rural poor through intervention strategies for improving animal health and production in developing countries and improving small- scale poultry production systems. Research includes reducing wildlife- livestock conflicts, and wildlife conservation. Research and extension projects on village poultry health and production in Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Ghana and Nepal; Investigations of intervention strategies that include training women farmers, extension agents, village leaders, and primary school children.

Graduate Groups: International Agricultural Development

Hao Cheng

Hao Cheng, Ph.D. - Assistant Professor

Email: qtlcheng@ucdavis.edu, Phone: +1 530-752-

Research: Development of statistical methods and computational algorithms for quantitative and statistical genetics, including genomic prediction and genome-wide association studies. Development of software tools for whole-genome analyses. Statistical models for –omic data.

Fred Conte

Fred S. Conte, Ph.D. - Extension Specialist: Aquaculture; Lecturer

Email: fsconte@ucdavis.edu, Phone: +1 530-752-7689

Research: Shellfish sanitation, computer sanitation modeling and computer simulation software; finfish and shellfish production systems, finfish slaughter technology for aquatic animal welfare, sturgeon stress associated with aquatic animal welfare considerations.

Extension Programs: Marine and freshwater aquaculture systems management and production technology; aquaculture regulatory and public policy; computer decision support software for shellfish sanitation; aquatic animal welfare.

Anna C. Denicol

Anna C. Denicol, DVM, MPVM, Ph.D. - Assistant Professor

Emai1: acdenicol@ucdavis.edu, Phone: +1 352-665-1909

Research: Reproductive and developmental biology. Paracrine and endocrine regulation of follicle and oocyte development and carry over effects of adverse environments during folliculogenesis on embryonic development. Biology of ovarian oocyte progenitor cells (oogonial stem cells) and their potential to improve and restore female fertility. Application of basic concepts of reproductive biology and assisted reproductive techniques to improve animal and human health and efficiency of agriculture worldwide.

Graduate Groups: Animal Biology, Molecular, Cellular and Integrative Physiology

Mary Delany

Mary E. Delany, Ph.D. - Professor; Executive Associate Dean in CA&ES; Fiddyment Endowed Chair

Email: medelany@ucdavis.edu, Phone: +1 530-754-9343

Research: Avian genetics and genome organization including projects in molecular cytogenetics, developmental genetics, vertebrate telomere biology. Main lab projects include: role of the telomere/telomerase pathway and virus- host genome interactions in oncogenic disease; genomic and developmental analysis of sequences and genes causing inherited limb and craniofacial malformations. Main organisms of study are chicken, turkey and Japanese quail.

Graduate Groups: Animal Biology; Avian Sciences; Integrative Genetics and Genomics

Ed DePeters

Edward J. DePeters, Ph.D. - Professor

Email: ejdepeters@ucdavis.edu, Phone: +1 530-752-1263

Research: Ruminant nutrition of dairy cattle; mammary gland synthesis of milk protein and fat; nutrient digestion, absorption, and metabolism; evaluation of by product feedstuffs and forage quality.

Graduate Groups: Animal Biology; Nutritional Biology

John Eadie

John M. Eadie, Ph.D. - Professor

Email: jmeadie@ucdavis.edu, +1 530-754-0145

Research: Waterfowl; avian behavior and ecology; population genetics; wetland and riparian ecology; molecular ecology.

Graduate Groups: Avian Sciences; Animal Behavior; Ecology; Population Biology

James Fadel

James G. Fadel, Ph.D. - Professor

Email: jgfadel@ucdavis.edu, Phone: +1 530-752-1259

Research: Mathematical and statistical applications mainly in nutrition, environment, sustainability, and management systems. Research incorporates information from modeling, in vitro, and in vivo experiments and datasets.

Graduate Groups: Animal Biology; International Agricultural Development; Nutritional Biology

Jackson Gross

Jackson Gross, MSPH, Ph.D. – CE Aquaculture Specialist

Email:  jagross@ucdavis.edu, Phone: +1 530-752-

Research: The driving force in my current research program is to be at the forefront of environmental and production sustainability and ecological integrity. To achieve this vision my research is focused into three distinct, yet overlapping applied research themes; (1) Aquaculture, (2) Invasion Biology and (3) Environmental/Ecological Toxicology.


Matthias Hess

Matthias Hess, Ph.D. - Assistant Professor, Wiley Research Fellow

Email: mhess@ucdavis.edu, Phone: +1 530-752-8809

Research: Application of cultivation- independent and cultivation- based approaches to obtain a multi- scale (from molecule to cell to population to ecosystem) understanding of microbial systems; characterize how microbial systems respond to environmental changes and affect their habitats, and identify microbes and microbial proteins of industrial relevance; systems used include ruminants, photosynthetic consortia and microbial communities associated with natural hydrocarbons

Graduate Groups: Microbiology

Kristina M. Horback

Kristina Horback, Ph.D. - Assistant Professor

Email: kmhorback@ucdavis.edu, Phone: +1 530-846-9037

Research: Identify consistent personality traits among domestic farm animals and evaluate the relationship between personality and the assessment of an animal’s physical and psychological welfare (e.g., affective states); investigate whether species-specific personality traits influence an animal’s coping with stress and expression of its internal state, such as pain or fear, in order to enhance animal-based measurements of welfare.

Graduate Groups: Animal Biology, Animal Behavior

Russ Hovey

Russ Hovey, Ph.D. - Professor

Email: rchovey@ucdavis.edu, Phone: +1 530-752-1682

Research: Hormonal regulation of mammary gland growth, lactation, and breast cancer with interests in ovarian and pituitary hormone functions; role of the stromal environment in cell function; and across- species differences in mammary gland biology and hormone function.

Graduate Groups: Animal Biology; Integrative Genetics and Genomics; International Agricultural Development

Josh Hull

Josh Hull, Ph.D. - Assistant Adjunct Professor

Email: jmhull@ucdavis.edu, +1 916- 414- 6742

Research: Conservation ecology; population genetics; phylogeography; threatened and endangered species; migration ecology; raptor biology.

Graduate Groups: Avian Sciences, Ecology

Silas Hung

Silas S.O. Hung, Ph.D. - Professor

Email: sshung@ucdavis.edu, Phone: +1 530-752-3580

Research: Fish nutrition, toxicology, biochemistry, physiology, and ecology.

Graduate Groups: Animal Biology

Ermias Kebreab

Ermias Kebreab, Ph.D. - Professor, Sesnon Endowed Chair

Email: ekebreab@ucdavis.edu, Phone: +1 530-752-5907

Research: Sustainable animal agriculture; energy and nutrient requirement/utilization of farm animals; environmental impact of animal agriculture including modeling greenhouse gas emissions from livestock; tropical animal agriculture.

Graduate Groups: Animal Biology; Ecology; International Agriculture and Development

Annie King

Annie J. King, Ph.D. - Professor

Email: ajking@ucdavis.edu, Phone: +1 530-752-3530

Research: prevention of lipid oxidation in poultry muscle, eggs and their products; effects of environmental systems on lipid oxidation; reduction and determination of cholesterol oxides in poultry meat, eggs and their products; use of hprticultural by- products and their antioxidants as nutrient sources, especially to retard lipid oxidation in poultry meat; and safe and economical reclamation and use of agricultural by- products as feed ingredients.

Graduate Groups: Agricultural and Food Chemistry; Avian Sciences; Food Science

Kirk Klasing

Kirk C. Klasing, Ph.D. - Professor

Email: kcklasing@ucdavis.edu, Phone: +1 530-752-1901

Research: Impact of nutrition on immunobiology and disease resistance; immunologic basis of stress; nutrition and metabolic adaptation required by carnivorous, granivorous, and nectivorous birds.

Graduate Groups: Animal Biology; Avian Sciences; Nutritional Biology; Immunology

Dietmar Kueltz

Dietmar Kueltz, Ph.D. - Professor

Email: dkueltz@ucdavis.edu, Phone: +1 530-752-2991

Research: Animal Systems Biology with emphasis on fish and marine invertebrates and functional systems conferring environmental stress tolerance; effects of environmental/ climate change on the proteomes of three- spined sticklebacks and mountain- colored tilapia species complexes; mechanisms of physiological plasticity and genetic adaptation that confer high environmental stress tolerance to aquatic organisms; identification/ characterization of biochemical networks that control environmental stress responses based on very large proteome datasets; mechanisms of osmosensing and osmoregulation in euryhaline sticklebacks and tilapia.

Graduate Groups: Animal Biology; Genetics; Ecology; Molecular, Cellular and Integrative Physiology

Yanhong Liu

Yanhong Liu, Ph.D. - Assistant Professor of Animal Nutrition

Email: yahliu@ucdavis.edu, Phone: +1 530-752-4275

Research: Evaluation of feed ingredients and additives as potential alternatives to antibiotics for use in the animal agricultural industry; address public concerns about antimicrobial resistance and help the animal industry deploy feed-based health technologies to improve animal health.

Graduate Groups: Animal Biology; Nutritional Biology

Elizabeth Maga

Elizabeth A. Maga, Ph.D. - Adjunct Professor

Email: eamaga@ucdavis.edu, Phone: +1 530-752-5930

Research: Applied genetic engineering; development and use of animal models of disease, translation of the use of genetically engineered ruminant milk to improve animal and human health, health and well- being of transgenic animals, role of intestinal microbiota on health and resistance to infection; relationship between casein genotypes and milk quality.

Graduate Groups: Animal Biology; Food Science

Maja Makagon

Maja M. Makagon, Ph.D. - Assistant Professor

Email: mmmakagon@ucdavis.edu, Phone: +1 530-752-9419

Research: Animal behavior, animal welfare assessment, optimization of housing systems for poultry

Graduate Groups: Animal Biology; Animal Behavior

Bernie May

Bernie May, Ph.D. - Research Professor

Email: bpmay@ucdavis.edu, Phone: +1 530-754-8123

Research: Conservation biology; population genetics of natural populations, threatened and endangered species; genetic mapping of quantitative trait loci; genomic manipulation of commercially important aquatic species; effect of environmental stressors on natural gene pools

Graduate Groups: Ecology, Integrative Genetics and Genomics

Juan Medrano

Juan F. Medrano, Ph.D. - Professor

Email: jfmedrano@ucdavis.edu, Phone: +1 530-752-6786

Research: Applications of next generation sequencing and systems biology approaches to study genetic variation of complex traits. Development of a new cow genome reference assembly - Optical Mapping and long- read de- novo assembly. Genetics of milk composition - study of health and nutritional properties of cow and human milk, and application of genetic markers to improve manufacturing properties of milk. Molecular phylogeny and SNP variation of wild populations of bears, wolves and coyotes. Coffee Genomics - Developments of a Coffea arabica genome reference assembly and annotation and examination of gene expression differences between coffees grown at different altitudes.

Graduate Groups: Animal Biology; Integrative Genetics and Genomics

Deanne Meyer

Deanne Meyer, Ph.D. - Extension Specialist: Livestock Waste Management; Lecturer

Email: dmeyer@ucdavis.edu, Phone: +1 530-752-9391

Research: Analyses of production, collection, storage, transportation, and utilization of manure management waste stream(s) on dairies. Research has focused on nutrient flows through dairy operations including: content of manure solids and liquids, milk parlor water use, efficiency of mechanical and gravity flow separator devices, analyses of other treatment technologies, nutrient distribution during land applications, and ammonia volatilization.

Graduate Groups: Animal Biology

Extension Programs: Environmental Stewardship Module Coordinator for the California Dairy Quality Assurance Program; develop and disseminate technical information on nutrient flows into and through dairy facilities; provide input to environmental regulatory policy developed for livestock and poultry operations.

Michael Mienaltowski

Michael J. Mienaltowski, DVM, Ph.D. - Assistant Professor

Email: mjmienaltowski@ucdavis.edu, +1 530-207-3226

Research: Physiology; musculoskeletal biology; development, maturation, and repair; extracellular matrix/niche organization; tissue engineering; functional genomics; mouse model; equine; poultry; livestock.

Graduate Groups: Animal Biology, Integrative Genetics and Genomics, Integrative Pathobiology

Mike Miller

Michael R. Miller, Ph.D. - Assistant Professor

Email: micmiller@ucdavis.edu, +1 530-304-4719

Research: Animal genetics and genomics; conservation and ecological genetics and genomics; genomics and bioinformatics technology development; salmonid fishes.

Graduate Groups: Animal Biology; Ecology; Integrative Genetics and Genomics

Frank Mitloehner

Frank M. Mitloehner, Ph.D. - Professor & Air Quality Extension Specialist

Email: fmmitloehner@ucdavis.edu, Phone: +1 530-752-3936

Research: Air quality research related to livestock production, especially quantification and mitigation of air pollutants on dairies, beef feedlots, and poultry operations; environmental physiology research, focusing on effects of air emissions on animal- and human health and welfare.

Graduate Groups: Animal Biology; Animal Behavior; Ecology, Agricultural Chemistry

James Murray

James D. Murray, Ph.D. - Professor and Chair

Email: jdmurray@ucdavis.edu, Phone: +1 530-752-3179

Research: Genetic engineering of animals for use in agriculture, improving the technologies associated with cloning and the production of transgenic animals, modification of anti- microbial, functional and lipid characteristics of milk, equine genomics.

Graduate Groups: Animal Biology; Integrative Genetics and Genomics

Anita Oberbauer

Anita M. Oberbauer, Ph.D. - Professor and Associate Dean for Agricultural Sciences

Email: amoberbauer@ucdavis.edu, Phone: +1 530-752-1252

Research: Cell and molecular control of animal growth, particularly bone and the impact on animal function; investigation of the genetic causes of canine traits, especially disease.

Graduate Groups: Animal Biology; Integrative Genetics and Genomics; Molecular, Cellular and Integrative Physiology

James Oltjen

James W. Oltjen, Ph.D. - Extension Specialist: Animal Management Systems; Lecturer

Email: jwoltjen@ucdavis.edu, Phone: +1 530-752-5650

Research: Animal management systems; resource use in animal agriculture; beef cattle growth.

Graduate Groups: Animal Biology; Nutritional Biology

Extension Programs: Computer decision support software; beef quality assurance; standardized performance analysis for cattle and sheep ranches.

Lee Allen Pettey

Lee Allen Pettey, Ph.D. - Lecturer (PSOE), Director of Animal Science Curriculum Development/Assessment

Email: lapettey@ucdavis.edu, Phone: +1 530-752-8924

Research: Effectiveness of teaching methodologies and technologies as they apply to animal science courses; pedagogically sound approaches to curriculum and course development for traditional and non- traditional animal science students; applied livestock nutrition focusing on use of alternative feed ingredients.

Peter Robinson

Peter H. Robinson, Ph.D. - Extension Specialist: Dairy Nutrition and Management

Email: phrobinson@ucdavis.edu, +1 530-754-7565

Research: On farm animal management systems; on farm implementation of strategies to reduce the environmental impact of cows.

Graduate Groups: Animal Biology

Pablo Ross

Pablo J. Ross, Ph.D. - Associate Professor

Email: pross@ucdavis.edu, +1 530-771-7225

Research: Epigenetic mechanisms controlling early embryonic development and pluripotency. Functional genomics of preimplantation development using next generation sequencing. Application of assisted reproductive technologies in animal production systems. Embryo genetic engineering and blastocyst complementation. Embryonic stem cell biology and induction of pluripotency by defined factors (iPSC).

Graduate Groups: Animal Biology; Integrative Genetics and Genomics

Roberto Sainz

Roberto D. Sainz, Ph.D. - Professor

Email: rdsainz@ucdavis.edu, Phone: +1 530-752-6293

Research: Beef cattle nutrition, growth, body composition; genetic and nutritional determinants of energy metabolism; international (tropical) animal agriculture; mathematical modeling of animal function and production systems; ecological footprint

Graduate Groups: Animal Biology; International Agricultural Development; Nutritional Biology

Andrea Schreier

Andrea Schreier, Ph.D. - Assistant Adjunct Professor

Email: amdrauch@ucdavis.edu, Phone: +1 530-752-0664

Research: Applying genetic and genomic techniques to answer ecological or evolutionary questions about wild populations, conservation of threatened and endangered species, genetic management of conservation and commercial aquaculture, animal polyploidy.

Graduate Groups: Ecology, Integrative Genetics and Genomics

Anne Todgham

Anne E. Todgham, Ph.D. - Associate Professor

Email: todgham@ucdavis.edu, Phone: +1 530-752-1897

Research: Ecological Physiology; Integrative Stress Biology; Environmental Genomics; Climate Change Biology. Molecular, biochemical and physiological mechanisms that underlie an animal's capacity to cope with multiple environmental stressors.

Graduate Groups: Animal Biology; Ecology

Cassandra Tucker

Cassandra B. Tucker, Ph.D. - Professor

Email: cbtucker@ucdavis.edu, +1 530-754-5750

Research: Animal welfare, animal behavior, effects of housing design and environmental conditions on dairy and beef cattle

Graduate Groups: Animal Biology; Animal Behavior

Alison Van Eenennaam

Alison Van Eenennaam, Ph.D. - Extension Specialist: Animal Biotechnology and Genomics

Email: alvaneenennaam@ucdavis.edu, Phone: +1 530-752-7942 Research: Use of biotechnologies in animal agriculture, marker- assisted selection in cattle, cloned and transgenic or genetically engineered animals, bovine respiratory disease complex coordinated agricultural project.

Graduate Groups: Animal Biology; Integrative Genetics and Genomics

Jason Watters

Jason V. Watters, Ph.D. - Associate Adjunct Professor

Email: jasonw@sfzoo.org, Phone: +1 415-213-8128

Research: Animal behavior, animal welfare, conservation behavior; behavioral assays of animal welfare, environmental enrichment for zoo and aquarium animals; zoo animal behavior and its impact on zoo- goers.

Graduate Groups: Animal Biology

Xiang (Crystal) Yang

Xiang (Crystal) Yang, Ph.D. - Assistant Professor ; Assistant Meat Scientist

Email: xcryang@ucdavis.edu , Phone: +1 530-752-6590

Research: Meat safety; meat quality; shelf-life of meat and meat products; post-harvest foodborne pathogen control; characterizing pathogen and whole microbial community profiles present in meat production chain; effect of feeding system on degree of antimicrobial resistance and pathogen prevalence in livestock and poultry.

Graduate Groups: Animal Biology, Food Science, Microbiology

Huaijun Zhou

Huaijun Zhou, Ph.D. - Professor, Chancellor’s Fellow

Email: hzhou@ucdavis.edu, Phone: +1 530-574-6723

Research: Investigation of molecular and cellular mechanisms of host- pathogen interaction using genetic, genomic and bioinformatic approaches in poultry. Functional annotation of animal genomes. poultry genetics and genomics, host- pathogen interaction, bioinformatics.

Graduate Groups: Animal Biology; Integrative Genetics and Genomics; Immunology; Microbiology; Avian Sciences

Richard Zinn

Richard A. Zinn, Ph.D. - Professor (Desert Research and Extension Center)

Email: razinn@ucdavis.edu, Phone: +1 760-756-3068

Research: Nutrition, health, and management of feedlot cattle.

Graduate Groups: Animal Biology


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