Edward J. DePeters

Courses Taught

ANS 041. Domestic Animal Production -(2) I

DePeters, VanLiew. Lecture-2 hours. Principles of farm animal management, including dairy and beef cattle, sheep, and swine. Industry trends, care and management, nutrition, and reproduction.

ANS 041L. Domestic Animal Production Laboratory (2) I

DePeters. Laboratory-6 hours. Prerequisite: course 41 (may be taken concurrently). Animal production principles and practices, including field trips to dairy cattle, beef cattle, sheep and swine operations, and campus laboratories. (P/NP grading only.)

ANS 146. Dairy Cattle Production (4) III

DePeters. Lecture-3 hours; laboratory-3 hours; one mandatory Saturday field trip required. Prerequisite: course 124, Animal Genetics 107, and Nutrition 115, or consent of instructor. Scientific principles from genetics, nutrition, physiology, and related fields applied to conversion of animal feed to human food through dairy animals. Management and economic decisions are related to an mal biology considering the environment and animal well-being. GE credit: SciEng, Wrt.

NUT 115. Animal Feeds and Nutrition (4) II

DePeters (Animal Science). Lecture-3 hours; laboratory-3 hours. Prerequisite: Chemistry 8B, Animal Science 41. Analyses and evaluation of feeds, influences of production, processing and storage methods on nutritive value of feeds. Animal nutrition. Diet formulation. GE credit: SciEng, Wrt.