James G. Fadel

Courses Taught

ANS 128. Agricultural Applications of Linear Programming (4) II. Fadel. Lecture-2 hours, laboratory-2 hours. Prerequisite: upper division standing and Agricultural Systems and Environment 21 or the equivalent. Applications of linear programming in agriculture, emphasizing resource allocation problems and decision making. Problems include crop production, ration formulation, and farm management. Hands-on experience in developing linear programs and interpreting the results.

ANS 206. Models in Agriculture and Nutrition (3) II. Fadel. Lecture-2 hours; laboratory- 3 hours. Prerequisite: Mathematics 16B; Statistics 108. Basic model building principles and techniques for statistical and systems simulation models. Optimization techniques for non-linear experimental designs and management models are presented. Quantitative analysis and evaluation of linear and non-linear equations used in agriculture and nutrition. Offered in alternate years.

NUT 122. Ruminant Nutrition and Digestive Physiology (4) III. Fadel (Animal Science). Lecture-3 hours; laboratory-3 hours. Prerequisite: Biological Sciences 102 and 103 or consent of instructor. Recommended: Neurobiology, Physiology and Behavior 101, Biological Sciences 1C, and Mathematics 16B. Upper Division standing. Study of nutrient utilization as influenced by the unique aspects of digestion and fermentation in ruminants, both domestic and wild. Laboratories include: comparative anatomy, feed evaluation, digestion kinetics using fistulated cows, computer modeling, and microbial exercises.