Ermias Kebreab

Research Projects

  1. Nitrogen cycling in ruminant livestock systems: a modeling approach. Ajinomoto Heartland, USA
  2. Farm-scale assessment of greenhouse gases mitigation strategies in dairy livestock-cropping-systems. Agriculture Greenhouse Gases Program (collaborator: Univ. of Guelph, Canada).
  3. Agricultural greenhouse gas mitigation opportunities for California (Duke Univ./Packard Foundation)
  4. Quantification of water quality effects of changing the management of livestock systems for use in water quality markets (Duke Univ./Packard Foundation)
  5. Enhancing capacity for low emissions development strategies in Vietnam. USDA (Foreign Agricultural Service)
  6. Evaluation of feedstuffs and additives for their potential to mitigate GHG emission in livestock production in Ghana. Borlaug Fellowship, USDA (Foreign Agricultural Service).
  7. Bovine innovative greenhouse gas solutions. USDA NRCS (collaborator: Unison, CA)
  8. Reducing enteric methane emissions from cows in large dairy enterprises in Mexico. UCMEXUS.
  9. Ecological performance of fishes in an ever-changing Estuary: The effects of nutritional status on environmental stress tolerance in Sturgeon. Cal-Fed.
  10. Metabolic relationships in supply of nutrients for lactating dairy cows. USDA.
  11. Energy partitioning in prepubertal Sturgeon. WRAC

A detailed list of completed projects is available on the Animal Nutrition & Environment Modeling Applications Laboratory (ANEMAL) website