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Kirk C. Klasing

Kirk C. Klasing, Ph.D.



Phone: (530)752-1901
FAX: (530)752-0175


B.S., Agricultural Science, Purdue, W. Lafayette, IN, 1977.
M.S., Animal Science, Purdue, W. Lafayette, IN, 1979.
Ph.D., Nutritional Biochemistry, Cornell, Ithaca, NY, 1982.


My research encompasses three interrelated areas. First, my students, colleagues and I examine the impact of an immune response against infectious diseases on growth and reproduction. We are interested in identifying the cytokines and hormones that the immune system releases in order to direct nutritional resources towards defense instead of growth and reproduction. We would also like to quantify the nutritional costs of these immune defenses. Second, we are investigating the impact of an animalís diet on the immune response. Nutrition is clearly an important regulator of immune responses and our research is directed toward understanding the underlying mechanisms. Third, we are exploring the diverse nutritional and immune strategies of carnivorous, nectarivorous, herbivorous and granivorous animals.

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