Dietmar Kueltz

Courses Taught

ANG111 - Molecular Biology Laboratory Techniques

Course format: 2 hours of lecture and 6 hours of laboratory per week. Prerequisite: Biological Sciences 1C; Biological Sciences 101, 102, 103 -or- BIS 101 and ABI 102 & ABI 103. To introduce students to the concepts and techniques used in molecular biology; to expose students to the role of this technology in both basic and applied animal research; and to give students practical laboratory experience in some of the most common molecular biology techniques.

ANS18 – Introductory Aquaculture

Lecture—3 hours; discussion—1 hour. Historical and contemporary aquacultural practices. Interaction between the aqueous culture environment and the biology of aquatic animals. Impact of economics and governmental policies on the development of aquaculture. Interaction of aquacultural practices with larger societal goals. GE credit: SciEng | SE, OL, QL, VL, WE.—I. (I.) Kueltz

MCP255/ABG255 – Physiology od Stress Response

Lecture/discussion—2 hours. Prerequisite: graduate student status. Definition of Stress; Physiological mechanisms of adaptation to stress; Hormonal control of the systemic stress response; Mechanisms of the cellular stress response; Discussion of current trends in stress physiology and current methods for studying the stress response. (Same course as Animal Biology 255.)—III. (III.) Kueltz