Maja M. Makagon

Program Overview:

My research program focuses on interplay between the behavior, welfare and management of poultry, including ducks, turkeys, laying hens and broilers.  Work conducted the lab centers on 3 topic areas:  1) assessing the effects of the physical and social environments on bird behavior, 2) evaluating the relationship between behavior and bone integrity, and 3) developing and validating practical, species-specific welfare assessment measures.  A common goal of this work is to develop strategies to help minimize behavior-related poultry management issues while optimizing bird welfare and production.  

Recent Areas of Focus: ·    

    • Behavioral correlates of keel bone damage in laying hens
    •  Thermoregulatory behavior of laying hens
    •  Quantitative assessment of the walking abilities of Pekin ducks
    •  Utility of the transect method as a tool for assessing the welfare of commercial turkeys
    •  Use of essential oils for mitigating the spread of northern fowl mites
    •  Improving nest use by commercial breeder ducks