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ANG 107. Genetics and Animal Breeding

Lecture-4 hours; laboratory-3 hours. Fall quarter (5 units). Prerequisite: Biological Sciences 101. Principles of quantitative genetics and genomics applied to improvement of livestock.

PLS120. Applied Statistics in Agricultural Science

Lecture--3 hours; discussion/laboratory-3 hours. Fall quarter (4 units) Prerequisite: upper division standing. Applications of statistical methods to the analysis and interpretation of research data in plant, animal, behavioral, food and nutritional sciences. Lectures cover basic concepts and statistical methods. Specialized laboratory sections cover procedures, data processing and interpretations in the animal sciences.

ANG 212. Sequence Analysis in Molecular Genetics (Bioinformatics)

Lecture/Laboratory-2 hours. Winter quarter (2 units). The use of computer methods and on-line databases to analyze nucleic acid and protein sequences in molecular genetics research. Offered in alternate years.