Juan F. Medrano

Dairy Cattle Breeding Simulation Program (DCBSP)

Medrano, J.F., A. Ahmadi and J. Casellas 2010. Dairy Cattle Breeding Simulation Program (DCBSP v.4.9), a simulation program to teach animal breeding principles and practices. Journal of Dairy Science 93:2816-2826. PMID:20494191

The DCBSP system is a dairy cattle breeding simulation program to teach undergraduate and graduate students animal breeding principles associated with selection for multiple traits in dairy cattle. The current version of the program (DCBSP v.4.9) is written in FORTRAN 90, and a web-based interface is developed for the students to interact with the program in the teaching environment. Both the backend simulation engine and the frontend web-based interface are driven by a module written in the Visual C++ programming language that loads the input files, runs the simulation, and uploads the output files onto the proper directories for each student on the web site. This software simulates a population of dairy cattle herds and artificial insemination bulls through several generations by integrating students’ decisions about mating, culling, and selection of new heifers and bulls based on a multivariate animal mixed model evaluation and marker-assisted selection. The DCBSP simulation system is used locally, nationally, and internationally for teaching animal breeding principles and is hosted at the Department of Animal Science, University of California, Davis.

Questions on using the program should be address to jfmedrano@ucdavis.edu

The Program is currently being used, locally, nationally, and intrenationally, at the following universities:

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