Juan F. Medrano

Selected Publications

Medrano, J.F., A. Ahmadi and J. Casellas 2010. Dairy Cattle Breeding Simulation Program (DCBSP v.4.9), a simulation program to teach animal breeding principles and practices. Journal of Dairy Science 93:2816-2826.  

Cánovas, A, G. Rincón, A.D. Islas, S. Wickramasinghe, and J. F. Medrano 2010. SNP Discovery in the bovine milk transcriptome using RNA-Seq technology. Mammalian Genome 21:592-598.  

Wickramasinghe, S., G. Rincon, A. Islas-Trejo, J.F. Medrano 2012. Transcriptional profiling of bovine milk using RNA sequencing. BMC Genomics 13:45  

Medrano, J.F. 2012. Genetic sustainability and biodiversity: Challenges to the California Dairy Industry. In: Biodiversity in Agriculture: Domestication, Evolution and Sustainability (Chap 27). Editors: P. Gepts, T.R. Famula, R.L. Bettinger, S.B. Brush, A.B. Damania, P.E. McGuire and C.O. Qualset. Cambridge University, Press, Cambridge, UK., 606pp.

Cánovas, A., G. Rincón, A. Islas-Trejo, R. Jimenez-Flores, A. Laubscher and J. F. Medrano 2013. RNA-Sequencing to study gene expression and SNP variation associated with citrate content in cow’s milk. Journal of Dairy Science 96:2637-2648.  

Lemay, D.G., R.C. Hovey, S.R. Hartono, K. Hinde, J.T. Smilowitz, F. Ventimiglia, K.A. Schmidt, J.W. Lee, A. Islas-Trejo, P.I. Silva, I. Korf, J.F. Medrano, P.A. Barry, J.B. German 2013. Sequencing the transcriptome of milk production: milk trumps mammary tissue. BMC Genomics. 14:872.  

Cánovas, A., A. Reverter, K.L. DeAtley, R.L. Ashley, M.L. Colgrave, M.R. Fortes, A. Islas-Trejo, S. Lehnert, L. Porto-Neto, G. Rincón, G.A. Silver, W.M. Snelling, J.F. Medrano, M.G. Thomas 2014. Multi-Tissue Omics Analyses Reveal Molecular Regulatory Networks for Puberty in Composite Beef Cattle. PLoS One. 9(7):e102551

Casellas, J., D. Gianola and J.F. Medrano 2014. Bayesian analysis of additive epistasis arising from new mutation in mice. Genetic Res. 96:e008.

Gularte-Merida, R, L.M. DiCarlo, G. Robertson, J. Simon, W.D. Johnson, C. Kappen, J.F. Medrano, B.K. Richards 2014. High-Resolution Mapping of a Genetic Locus Regulating Preferential Carbohydrate Intake, Total Kilocalories, and Food Volume on Mouse Chromosome 17. PLoSOne 9(10):e110424 doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0110424.

Cronin, M.A., A. Cánovas, A. Islas-Trejo, D.L. Bannasch, A.M. Oberbauer, J.F. Medrano 2015. Single nucleotide polymorphism loci (SNP) variation of wolves (Canis lupus) in Southeast Alaska and comparison with wolves and coyotes in North America. J of Heredity, 106 (1): 26-36

Bailey, D.B., S. Lunt, A. Lipka, M.G. Thomas, J.F. Medrano, A. Cánovas, G. Rincon, and M.B. Stephenson 2015. Genetic Influences on Cattle Grazing Distribution: Association of Genetic Markers with Terrain Use in Cattle. Rangeland Ecology Management 68:142-149

Zhou, S., S. Goldstein, M. Place, M. Bechner, D. Patino, K. Potamousis, P. Ravindran, L. Pape, G. Rincon, J. Hernandez-Ortiz, J.F. Medrano, D.C. Schwartz 2015. A Clone-free, Single Molecule Map of the Domestic Cow (Bos taurus) Genome 16:644.

Welly, B.T., M.R. Miller, J.L. Stott, M.T. Blanchard, A.D. Islas-Trejo, S.M. O Rourke, A.E. Young, J.F. Medrano and A.L. Van Eenennaam 2016. Genome Report: Identification and Validation of Antigenic Proteins from Pajaroellobacter abortibovis Using De Novo Genome Sequence Assembly and Reverse Vaccinology. G3 doi: 10.1534/g3.116.036673. [Epub ahead of print]

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