Department of Animal Science 

UC Davis - The University of California, Davis

James D. Murray

James D. Murray, Ph.D.

Department of Animal Science and Department of Population Health and Reproduction
University of California
One Shields Avenue
Davis, CA 95616 USA

Phone: (530) 752-3179
FAX: (530) 752-0175


B.S University of Wyoming, Laramie, 1974 Zoology and Physiology
M.S. University of Wyoming, Laramie, 1975 Zoology and Physiology
Ph.D. Macquarie University, Australia, 1980 Biology (genetics)

Fellow American Association for the Advancement of Science
Member: International Society for Animal Genetics, American Dairy Science Association, American Association for the Advancement of Science


My research program is divided between to areas: genetic engineering of mammals and horse genomics. Within the work centered on transgenic animal biology we work on a number of gene systems designed either as research models or to livestock for use in agriculture. Within the latter area we are focused on manipulating the mammary gland to improve the properties of milk for human consumption. We also carry out work to improve the technology associated with genetically engineering large animals.

Professional Activities:

  • Advisory Editorial Board member: Journal Biomedicine and Biotechnology.
  • Chair of the organizing committee for the bi-annual U.C. Davis Transgenic Animal Research Conference, a three-day international meeting on the topic of transgenic animals in research (1997, 1999, 2001, 2003, 2005, 2007, and 2009). Abstracts of presentations and posters for meetings 2 through 7 may be found in Transgenic Research. The eighth meeting is currently being planned for August 2011.

Graduate Groups

I am a member of the Genetics Graduate Group and the Animal Biology Graduate Group. Both groups have programs leading to the M.S. and Ph.D. degrees. Currently I have three Ph.D. students.