James D. Murray

Recent Publications

Transgenic Technology

Bertolini, L.R., Bertolini, M., Anderson, G.B., Maga, E.A., Madden, K.R. and Murray, J.D. (2007). Transient depletion of Ku70 and Xrcc4 by RNAi as a means to manipulate the non-homologous end-joining pathway. J. Biotech. 128:246-257.

Bertolini, L.R., Bertolini, M., Maga, E.A., Madden, K.R. and Murray, J.D. (2009). Increased gene targeting in Ku70 and Xrcc4 transiently deficient human somatic cells. Mol. Biotech. 41:106-114.

Transgene Biology

Maga, E.A., Shoemaker, C.F., Rowe, J.D., BonDurant, R.H., Anderson, G.B. and Murray, J.D. (2006). Production and processing of milk from transgenic goats expressing human lysozyme in the mammary gland. J. Dairy Sci. 89:518-524.

Maga, E.A., Walker, R.L., Anderson, G.B. and Murray, J.D. (2006). Consumption of milk from transgenic goats expressing human lysozyme in the mammary gland results in the modulation of intestinal microflora. Transgenic Research 15:515-519.

Maga, E.A., Cullor, J.S., Smith, W., Anderson, G.B. and Murray, J.D. (2006). Human lysozyme expressed in the mammary gland of transgenic dairy goats can inhibit the growth of bacteria that cause mastitis and the cold-spoilage of milk. Foodborne Pathogens & Disease 3:384-392.

Brundige, D.R. Maga, E.A., Klasing, K.C. and Murray, J.D. (2008) Lysozyme transgenic goats’ milk influences gastrointestinal morphology in young pigs. J. Nutrition 138:921-926.

Brundige, D.R. Maga, E.A., Klasing, K.C. and Murray, J.D. (2010) Consumption of Pasteurized Human Lysozyme Transgenic Goats' Milk Alters Serum Metabolite Profile in Young Pigs. Transgenic Res. 19:563-74, Epub 2009 Oct 22.

Murray, J.D. and Maga, E.A. (2010) Is there a risk from not using GE animals? Transgenic Res. 19:357-361, Epub 11/09.

Jackson, K.A., Berg, J.M., Murray, J.D. and Maga, E.A. (2010) Evaluating the Fitness of Human Lysozyme Transgenic Dairy Goats: Growth and Reproductive Traits. Transgenic Res. 19:977-986. Epub 2/10 :in press.

Maga, E.A. and Murray, J.D. (2010) Welfare Applications of Genetically Engineered Animals for use in Agriculture. J Anim Sci. 88:1588-1591, Epub 2/12/2010.

Fahrenkrug, S.C., Blake, A., Carlson, D.F., Doran, T., Van Eenennaam, A., Faber, D., Galli, C., Hackett, P.B., Li, N., Maga, E.A., Murray, J.D., Stotish, R., Sullivan, E., Taylor, J.F., Walton, M., Wheeler, M., Whitelaw, B. and Glenn, B.P. (2010) Precision Genetics for Complex Objectives in Animal Agriculture. J. Anim. Sci. 88:2530-2539. Epub 2010 Mar 12.

Horse Genomics

Wade, C.M., Giulotto, E., Sigurdsson, S., Zoli, M., Gnerre, S., Imsland, F., Lear, T., Adelson, D.L., Penedo, M.C.T. , Bellone, R.R., Bailey, E., Mauceli, E., Garber, M., MacLeod, J.N., Sharpe, T., Vogel, J., Andersson, L., Antczak, D.F., Biagi, T., Binns, M.M., Blöcker, H., Chowdhary, B.P., Coleman, S.J., Della Valle, G., Distl, O., Edgar, R.C., Fryc, S., Guérin, G., Hasegawa, T., Hill, E.W., Jurka, J., Kiialainen, A., Leeb, T., Lindgren, G., Liu, J., Magnani, E., Mickelson, J.R., Murray, J.D., Nergadze, S.G., Onofrio, R., Pedroni, S., Piras, M.F., Raison, J., Raudsepp, T., Rocchi, M., Røed, K.H., Ryder, O., Searle, S., Skow, L., Swinburne, J.E., Syvänen, A.C., Tozaki, T., Valberg, S.J., Vaudin, M., White, J.S., Zody, M.C., Broad Institute Genome Sequencing Platform1, Broad Institute Whole Genome Assembly Team1, Lander, E.S., and Lindblad-Toh, K. (2009). Genome sequence, comparative analysis and population genetics of the domestic horse (Equus caballus). Science: 326:865-867.

Brault, L.S., Cooper, C.A., Famula, T.R. Murray, J.D. and M. Cecilia T. Penedo, M.C.T. Mapping of equine cerebellar abiotrophy to ECA2 and identification of a potential causative mutation affecting expression of MUTYH. Genomics in press


Murray, J.D., Maga, E.A., Anderson, G.B., and Oppenheim, S.M. (2007). Method of Generating a Transgenic Livestock Animal. U.S. Patent Number 7,199,281 B2.

Murray, J.D. and Maga, E.A. (2007). Stearoyl Co-A Desaturase Transgenic Non-human Animals. U.S. Patent Number 7,244,874.