Anita M. Oberbauer

Courses Taught

ANS 042. Introductory Companion Animal Biology

(4) II. Oberbauer. Lecture-3 hours; discussion-1 hour. Companion animal domestication. Historical, contemporary perspectives. Legislation concerning companion animals. Selected topics in anatomy, physiology, genetics, nutrition, behavior and management. Scientific methods in studying the human-animal bond. Discussions: application of biological concepts to problems related to companion animals GE credit: SciEng, Wrt.

ANS 142. Companion Animal Care and Management

(4) I. Oberbauer. Lecture-3 hours ; discussion-1 hour. The course is designed to acquaint students with the many and varied issues the surround the management and production of captive companion and exotic animals. The goal of the course is to integrate the disciplinary principles of behavior, genetics, nutrition, and physiology into a coherent description of the biology, management, and care of common companion animals. Students planning on pursuing advanced professional degrees or intending to embark on a career of companion animal husbandry will be served by this course.