Cassandra Tucker

Courses Taught

ANS 104 Principles and Applications of Domestic Animal Behavior

Application of principles of animal behavior in the management of domesticated species. External and physiological mechanisms influencing behavior will be discussed. Topics include reproductive feeding and social behavior, as well as animal handling and human-animal interactions. ​Offered Fall quarter.

ANS 106 Laboratory in Domestic Animal Behavior

Research experience with the behavior of domestic and captive animals. This course covers experimental design, methods of data collection and analysis, and reporting of experimental results. ​Offered Winter quarter.

ABG 203 Advanced Animal Welfare

Advanced discussion of the key concepts used when evaluating and understanding the welfare of animals kept by humans. Emphasis is placed on critical thinking and discussion. For each concept, a review article and at least one experimental paper are assigned as reading. At each weekly meeting, there will be structured discussion of this reading, with emphasis on how the technique or topic is used in animal welfare research. Offered Winter quarter of odd numbered years.