Conference Phone


The Wireless voice conferencing is available in Bradford Room (2219 Meyer), Weir Room (2154 Meyer), and Foster room (1138 Meyer). We have two Polycom systems:

  • The standard model is for Bradford room
  • The advanced model, with two extra microphones, is for Weir room or Foster room.

Phone Numbers

  • Bradford room (2219 Meyer):
    530-752-5392. It can receive and place call.
  • Foster room (1138 Meyer):
    530-754-6154. It can receive call, but can not place a call.
  • Weir room (2154 Meyer):
    530-754-4908. It can receive and place call.


Please checkout the Polycom equipments from the Animal Science Department's Main Office.

Users Manuals

Polycom® SoundStation2W™ – Standard Model

Polycom® SoundStation2W™ – Advanced Model