Campus Wireless Network

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The wireless network named moobilenetx will be retired on June 15, 2016.  Campus wireless network users who are currently using moobilenetx on wireless devices (laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc.) should switch to the wireless network named eduroam as soon as possible. Information on how to connect to the eduroam wireless network is here:

Note about logging on to eduroam

When logging on to eduroam remember to use your UCD Login ID followed by as your username along with your Kerberos passphrase for the password. For some folks their UCD login ID, which we commonly utilize as the username to log on to systems, is different from their mail ID before in their email address. For those folks it is important to remember to use their login ID followed by instead of just their loginid or their So, if your email address is and your login ID is kajohn, then you would use as your username for eduroam.

Not familiar with how to check which wireless network you are using? General information about how to access wireless settings on Android, Chromebook, MacOS, iOS, and Windows are here:

Please contact the Food Chain IT Team if you have any questions or problems with wireless on campus-owned devices. 

What if I cannot log on to eduroam?

If you cannot log on to eduroam, then as a temporary solution note that faculty, staff, and students can use the guest wireless network WITHOUT setting up a guest wireless account. When you can’t get on to eduroam, for whatever reason, you can usually still get on to the guest wireless. To access it select the wireless network named “ucd-guest”, then open a web browser window, which will bring up a log on screen. Choose the option to use an existing guest account. Then just use your campus login ID and Kerberos passphrase as the credentials. To be clear, UCD computing account holders do not need to set up guest wireless accounts to use the guest wireless network (they just use their existing campus computing account credentials).