2154 Meyer Hall Conference Room: Weir Room

Built-in PC: Present
Built-in PC:
Laptop Ports: Present
Laptop Ports:
VCR Player: Present
VCR Player:
Doc Cam: Present
Doc Cam: Not
Webcam: Not Present
Webcam: Not





Date Installed

The A/V system in this room is designed by Abbas Ahmadi and installed by a Sacramento vendor (Intellisys Group) on May 9. 2000.

Projector Control

The podium is fitted with the projector control.

Laptop Connections

The podium is fitted with laptop connections for video, audio, and network.

Built-in Desktop Computer

The podium is fitted with a built-in desktop computer. It is installed on the left compartment, behind the front door. The computer is a DELL Optiplex computer with 16 GB of memory and 250 GB Solid State Hard Drive. It runs under Windows 10 operating system. The Microsoft Office 2016 package is installed on the computer. There are two mounted USB port at the top of podium. Please do not turn off the computer after use.

VCR Player

The podium is fitted with a VCR player. It is installed on the middle shelf, behind the front door. The player is a Panasonic VCR Player. There is no DVD player, but you can use the DVD drive of the computer for playing DVD. Please shut off the player after use.

Document Camera

There is no document Camera in this room, but there is a 3M overhead projector, which is installed on a separate cart.

LCD Projector

The classroom is fitted with a ceiling mounted Mitsubishi VLT-XD600LP XGA 3D Ready DLP Projector with 4500 ANSI Lumens projector.


The screen is a DA-LITE Cosmopolitan Projection Screen - 60x80" - 100" Diagonal - Video Format (4:3 Aspect Ratio) - Matte White

Network Access

If your laptop is configured for DHCP, then you should be able to connect to the Department network.
Adobe Connect

The room is wired for the Adobe Connect Media Cart to record lectures using the Adobe Connect system.

VoIP Phone Port

Users may connect a campus VoIP phone to port #746795  on the east wall.  The phone number for the Animal Science Checkout VoIP conference phone is 530-754-4908. 

Service Information

LCD Projector Maintenance:

Once a year have the projector fan cleaned out.


Description: Projector Lamp for Mitsubishi VLT-XD600LP
Lamp ID: VLT-XD600LP

Service Schedule

  • 05/13/2017: The projector lamp was replaced.
  • 02/15/2017: A new Solid State Hard drive (250 GB) was installed
  • 02/15/2017: The Windows 10 operating system and the Office 2016 were installed.
  • 11/26/2018: The projector lamp was replaced.  
  • 09/13/2019: The projector lamp was replaced.  The projector was unmounted from the ceiling bracket for changing the lamp.


Abbas Ahmadi (752-5886, abahmadi@ucdavis.edu)