Deanne Meyer, Ph.D.

Deanne Meyer

Position Title
Extension Specialist: Livestock Waste Management
Master Advisor for Agricultural and Environmental Education major

2209 Meyer Hall


  • B.S., Animal Science University of California, Davis 1983
  • M.S., Dairy Science, University of Florida, Gainesville, Fl 1986
  • Ph.D., Animal Science, University of Florida, Gainesville, Fl 1989

Research Interests

Analyses of production, collection, storage, transportation, and utilization of manure management waste stream(s) on dairies. Research has focused on nutrient flows through dairy operations including: content of manure solids and liquids, milk parlor water use, efficiency of mechanical and gravity flow separator devices, analyses of other treatment technologies, nutrient distribution during land applications, and ammonia volatilization.

Extension Programs

Environmental Stewardship Module Coordinator for the California Dairy Quality Assurance Program; develop and disseminate technical information on nutrient flows into and through dairy facilities; provide input to environmental regulatory policy developed for livestock and poultry operations.

Graduate Groups


Research Staff

Current Graduate Students

  • Christine Miller, PhD Program, Animal Biology Graduate Group. Expected Graduation Date: Spring 2020.


  • Stephanie Nehasil, Undergraduate Student (B.S. Evolution, Ecology, Biodiversity, UC Davis). Stephanie joined the lab during Spring Quarter 2006. She is a third year student and plans to complete her degree in Spring, 2007. She would then like to go on to graduate school and a research career.
  • Truong Tang, Undergraduate Student (B.S., Biochemistry, UC Davis). Truong joined the lab during Winter Quarter, 2006. He is a third year student in biochemistry and plans to complete his degree in Spring, 2007. His goal is to attend Pharmacy School and work in the pharmaceutical industry.

Selected Publications

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