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Major Requirements and Courses

Sample Schedules
Major Requirement Checklists
AEE Focus Depth Course Options:

Please note: All Focus Depth courses must be reviewed by a Staff Advisor

Species Specialization and Lab Options:

Please note: All Species Specialization courses must be approved by Faculty Advisor

Disciplinary Focus Specialization Options (ANS)

Please note: The courses listed for each of the Disciplinary Focus Specialization options are SUGGESTIONS. You will need to have all courses approved by Faculty Advisor. Course offerings are subject to change; check with specific departments to make sure the courses you intend to take are offered.

Internships and Career Development
College and University Information
Pre-Professional/Pre-Graduate School Information
Miscellaneous Student Resources

Helpful Links

Academics and Campus Services

  • College of Agricultural & Environmental Sciences - This is our college's website. If you need information about college requirements or about the Dean's Office, look here.
  • Admissions Office - This is the site for Undergraduate Admissions where you can find attendance costs, a list of majors and minors, how to apply, and general information about UC Davis.
  • Financial Aid - The Financial Aid website has important deadlines and information about the different financial aid options available for all UC Davis students.
  • Scholarship Office - This webpage links you to general information on UC Davis undergraduate scholarships, prestigous scholarships, outside scholarships, and much more!
  • Office of the University Registrar - At this website, you can find information about registration, how to send your transcripts, important dates, graduation, as well as the class search tool.
  • ASSIST - ASSIST is an online student-transfer information system that shows how course credits earned at one public California college or university can be applied when transferred to another.
  • Commonly Used Resources - This handout gives contact information for some of the most commonly used resources on campus.

Student Services

Post-Graduate Planning