Seminars 2021-2022

Fall Quarter 2021

Oct 11
Hugo Monteiro, PhD
Postdoctoral Associate – Lima Lab
Using the gastrointestinal microbiome to optimize the production potential of ruminants

Oct 18
Ahmed Kasim Mahdi
PhD candidate – Animal Biology, Ross Lab   
Exit Seminar: Editing the Genome of Small Ruminants by Electroporating the CRISPR-Cas9 System
Video (restricted to UC Davis users only)

Oct 25    
No seminar – Oral presentations for ABGG Colloquium    PhD oral presentations

Nov 1   
Rachel Arcanjo, PhD
Postdoctoral Associate – Denicol Lab
Contemporary toxicants and their effects on the female reproductive system

Nov 8   
Melanie LaCava, PhD
Postdoctoral Associate – Schreier Lab    
Chronic wasting disease drives selection in a free-ranging ungulate

Nov 15    
Chunpeng James Chen, PhD
Postdoctoral Associate – Cheng Lab    
Monitoring Livestock Behaviors with Unsupervised Convolutional Learning for Rapid Deployment of Precision Agriculture

Nov 18    
ABGG Storer Lecturer: Dr. Peter Hansen
Distinguished Professor – University of Florida    
Adventures in developmental programming during the preimplantation period in the cow

Nov 22    

Nov 29