Extension Specialists


Richard BlatchfordRichard A. Blatchford - Assistant Extension Specialist: Poultry

Email: rablatchford@ucdavis.edu, Phone: +1 530-752-8763

Research: Husbandry, behavior, and welfare of small to large scale poultry operations; effects of housing design and management techniques on laying hens and broilers; development of on- farm assessment tools.




Pedro Carvalho Pedro Carvalho - Feedlot Management Extension Specialist

Email: pcarvalho@ucdavis.edu, Phone: 217-418-0202

Research: Nutrition, health, and management of feedlot cattle.





Fred ConteFred S. Conte - Extension Specialist: Aquaculture; Lecturer

Email: fsconte@ucdavis.edu, Phone: +1 530-752-7689

Research: Shellfish sanitation, computer sanitation modeling and computer simulation software; finfish and shellfish production systems, finfish slaughter technology for aquatic animal welfare, sturgeon stress associated with aquatic animal welfare considerations.

Extension Programs: Marine and freshwater aquaculture systems management and production technology; aquaculture regulatory and public policy; computer decision support software for shellfish sanitation; aquatic animal welfare.


Jackson GrossJackson Gross – Extension Specialist: Aquaculture

Email: jagross@ucdavis.edu, Phone: +1 530-752-

Research: The driving force in my current research program is to be at the forefront of environmental and production sustainability and ecological integrity. To achieve this vision my research is focused into three distinct, yet overlapping applied research themes; (1) Aquaculture, (2) Invasion Biology and (3) Environmental/Ecological Toxicology.



Deanne MeyerDeanne Meyer - Extension Specialist: Livestock Waste Management; Lecturer

Email: dmeyer@ucdavis.edu, Phone: +1 530-752-9391

Research: Analyses of production, collection, storage, transportation, and utilization of manure management waste stream(s) on dairies. Research has focused on nutrient flows through dairy operations including: content of manure solids and liquids, milk parlor water use, efficiency of mechanical and gravity flow separator devices, analyses of other treatment technologies, nutrient distribution during land applications, and ammonia volatilization.

Graduate Groups: Animal Biology

Extension Programs: Environmental Stewardship Module Coordinator for the California Dairy Quality Assurance Program; develop and disseminate technical information on nutrient flows into and through dairy facilities; provide input to environmental regulatory policy developed for livestock and poultry operations.


Frank MitloehnerFrank M. Mitloehner - Professor & Air Quality Extension Specialist

Email: fmmitloehner@ucdavis.edu, Phone: +1 530-752-3936

Research: Air quality research related to livestock production, especially quantification and mitigation of air pollutants on dairies, beef feedlots, and poultry operations; environmental physiology research, focusing on effects of air emissions on animal- and human health and welfare.

Graduate Groups: Animal Biology; Animal Behavior; Ecology, Agricultural Chemistry



James OltjenJames W. Oltjen - Extension Specialist: Animal Management Systems; Lecturer

Email: jwoltjen@ucdavis.edu, Phone: +1 530-752-5650

Research: Animal management systems; resource use in animal agriculture; beef cattle growth.

Graduate Groups: Animal Biology; Nutritional Biology

Extension Programs: Computer decision support software; beef quality assurance; standardized performance analysis for cattle and sheep ranches.


Peter RobinsonPeter H. Robinson - Extension Specialist: Dairy Nutrition and Management

Email: phrobinson@ucdavis.edu, +1 530-754-7565

Research: On farm animal management systems; on farm implementation of strategies to reduce the environmental impact of cows.

Graduate Groups: Animal Biology




Alison Van EenennaamAlison Van Eenennaam - Extension Specialist: Animal Biotechnology and Genomics

Email: alvaneenennaam@ucdavis.edu, Phone: +1 530-752-7942

Research: Use of biotechnologies in animal agriculture, marker- assisted selection in cattle, cloned and transgenic or genetically engineered animals, bovine respiratory disease complex coordinated agricultural project.

Graduate Groups: Animal Biology; Integrative Genetics and Genomics