Teaching, Research, and Outreach Facilities

The Department of Animal Science moved into the newly constructed Meyer Hall in 1987. Along with office space, Meyer Hall provided almost 20,000 sq. ft. of state-of-the-art laboratory space. In addition, the department maintains research and teaching facilities on campus occupying about 60 acres, and "farms" (pasture, hay crops and feed grains) occupying about 475 acres.

The department generally has 45-50 individual ongoing research projects resulting in more than 100 publications per year. There are also several areas of cooperative research with colleagues in other departments ( Agronomy and Range Science, and Food Science and Technology, for example) and in the School of Veterinary Medicine (Population, Health, and Reproduction) as well as the School of Medicine.

Animal Facility Information

University Field Stations

The department also has research programs at four University field stations:

  1. Desert Research and Extension Center
  2. Hopland Research and Extension Center
  3. Sierra Foothill Research and Extension Center
  4. Bodega Bay Marine Laboratory

Facility Maps

Map of Animal Science Facilities

Map of four University Field Stations

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