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How to Get an Internship

Internships can be identified in a variety of ways:

  1. Contacting faculty members or graduate students conducting research in an area in which you are interested. Most faculty will have websites providing information regarding their research.
  2. Visiting the Internship and Career Center (ICC) in 111 South Hall.
  3. Finding internships at facilities not affiliated with UC Davis.
  4. Participating Formal Animal Science Internships at the various animal science facilities.  Descriptions of each of the facility internships and contact information.
  5. Reading the Animal Science Advising Center's weekly Newsletter for unique internship opportunities and ways to apply.

If you would like to receive units for an internship, you will need to fill out an internship form (see links below). If the internship is not already affiliated with a faculty sponsor, you will need to find one. Most students start by asking their faculty advisers if they'd be willing to sponsor their internship. The structure of the internship (research or animal experience) and the number of cumulative units you have will determine whether the internship is a 92, 99, 192, or 199. Submit an online internship form to receive a CRN to add the class.

If you wish to have the internship noted on your transcript, you must fill out the Transcript Notation form through the Internship and Career Center.

Internship Applications

To apply for an internship, please email All internship applications must be submitted by 5PM on the 10th day of instruction in the quarter you wish to participate in an internship.

Internships in Agricultural and Environmental Education

Are you looking for ways to get more hands on experience in agriculture, entomology, hydrology, education and more? There are many exciting opportunities for Agricultural and Environmental Education majors. Check out our Agricultural and Environmental Education Internships Handout for more information on how to get involved.

  1. Internship credit can be assigned under AED/ 92/192.
  2. One unit of credit will be assigned per 30 hours of work each quarter.
  3. Internships must be approved by Dr. Lynn Martindale, the Agricultural and Environmental Education Master Advisor.

Formal Internships

  • Beef Cow Calf Management
  • Beef Management
  • CEH Herd Health and Management
  • Dairy Calf Management
  • Dairy Herd and Calf Management
  • Dairy Herd Management
  • Dairy Night Watch/Herd Management
  • Feed Lot Management
  • Goat Kidding and Kid Management
  • Goat Milking and General Management
  • Halter Breaking For Showmanship Contests
  • Horse Barn Herd Health and Management
  • Horse Foal Management
  • Horse Stud Management
  • Meat Lab Internship
  • Swine Barn Farrowing Internship

Field Supervisors

The Field Supervisor is whoever will be directly supervising you during your internship (i.e., a facility manager, graduate student, veterinarian or technician, employee at an off campus facility, etc.) If your internship is on-campus at one of the Animal Science facilities, it will be the Facility Manager. If you are filling out a form for a Formal Internship, select the type of formal internship, and the field supervisor and faculty sponsor should already populate. If you are filling out a general internship form, then you will select the facility manager from a drop down menu. If your field supervisor is not listed, select "Other" and fill out the information you know.

Faculty Sponsors

The Faculty Sponsor is a professor, within the Animal Science Department, who is willing to be the Instructor for your course. They will determine whether or not you pass the internship, and determine any assignments you will need to complete.

Animal Science Honors Thesis

  • 194: Graded research in Animal Science. The student will work with a faculty mentor and choose to study in areas of Animal Behavior, Animal Genetics, Animal Nutrition, and Animal Biology. This internship is only worth 3 units.
  • 194H A, B, C: Undergraduate Honors Thesis. Students that meet the requirements and are selected by the Honors Selection Committee, under the guidance of a faculty advisor will carry out a research project. Upon completion, the student will write a thesis and present their research at a public seminar. This internship is NOT on the Online Internship System. Please contact for a paper application.
  • ANS 194H Honors Thesis Packet

Useful Campus Resources

Internship and Career Center