Stock Resources

The Avian Stocks Database is a downloadable MS Excel file with two worksheets. The Curator worksheet contains a listing of curators with curator ID numbers. The Stocks worksheet contains the stock listing sorted by curator ID.   

The Acronym Listing contains all of the acronyms used for both stocks and institutions in the database.  

The basis for this database is the 1999 Avian Genetic Resources Task Force Report which included an initial survey of US and Canadian stocks.  Updated information from Survey II (beginning October 2004) is indicated by date in the last column of the Curator worksheet.  A new database will be posted periodically. 

If you are a curator and determine that there are errors in either your contact information or stocks, please send us  an eamail with the corrections. Our email address is:

Our goal is to keep this listing as accurate as possible and continuously update as needed.  Please contact us at any time with changes to your stocks, or if you know of a curator that is not listed, yet maintains stocks. Please contact individual curators for stock availability and conditions.