Department News and Updates! January 19, 2018


  • Goat Day will be held this Saturday! The event is hosted by Animal Science, UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine and the California Dairy Herd Improvement Association.
  • Matthias Hess’ research on rumen microbes is featured in the UC Davis One Health Blog
  • Anne Todgham was interviewed on Capitol Public Radio about her research on climate change impacts on Antarctic fishes. This work is part of the PhD dissertation of Animal Biology graduate student Brittany Davis. The UC Davis press release can be found here


  • The Ross Lab authored “Active H3K27me3 demethylation by KDM6B is required for normal development of bovine preimplantation embryos” in Epigenetics.
  • Alyssa Benjamin, Ismail Sağlam, Brian Mahardja, James Hobbs, Tien-Chieh Hung and Amanda Finger published "Use of single nucleotide polymorphisms identifies backcrossing and species misidentifications among three San Francisco Estuary Osmerids" in the Journal Conservation Genetics.
  • Brittany Davis, Erin Flynn and Anne Todgham co-authored “Antarctic emerald rockcod have the capacity to compensate for warming when uncoupled from CO2-acidification", published in Global Climate Change.


  • Faculty and graduate students attended and presented at the Plant and Animal Genome Meeting (PAG XXVI) in San Diego, CA.