Department News and Updates! October 6, 2017


  • Maia Laabs (M.S. student in Animal Biology) is a recipient of the Memorial Scholarship from the CA Chapter of ARPAS in recognition for her research activities with goats.
  • Alice Rocha is a recipient of an undergraduate scholarship from the CA Chapter of ARPAS in recognition for her activities associated with agriculture including her work as an opinion columnist for The California Aggie newspaper, her participation in Aggie Ambassadors, and her involvement in research with Professor Mitloehner.
  • There was a terrific turnout for the Fall Welcome BBQ! Thank you all for your hard work, especially Kathryn Jackson and the Advising team, Chris Akins, Dan Sehnert and Caleb Sehnert. Great job everyone! Find more pictures here, courtesy of Ed DePeters.


  • Ermias Kebreab will have a contributing role in a new project; Interactions between Dairy Cattle Nutrition and Management Interventions Versus Enteric and Methane Emissions supported by USDA.
  • Jim Murray, Elizabeth Maga, Lydia Garas and Caitlin Cooper published, “Young Pigs Consuming Lysonzyme Transgenic Goat Milk are Protected from Clinical Symptoms of Enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli Infection” in the Journal of Nutrition.


  • Alison Van Eenennaam attended the Center for Tropical Livestock Health International Advisory Committee meeting at the Roslin Institute in Edenburgh, Scotland. Alison also traveled to Rome for a screening of the movie Food Evolution at the Food and Agriculture Organization in Rome, along with director Scott Hamilton Kennedy.
  • Roberto Sainz attended the XXVII International Meeting on Meat and Milk Production in Warm Climates, in Mexicali CA . He gave a plenary talk about the heat balance simulation model for cattle.