Department News and Updates! December 8, 2017



  • Pablo Ross has been appointed a Chancellor’s fellow for the 2017/2018 year.
  • Welcome to Ryan Vanderford, our newest Farm Crew member.
  • Kirk Klasing received the James G. Morris Lectureship in Companion Animal Nutrition award from the UCD School of Veterinary Medicine.
  • Kirk Klasing was appointed to chair the National Academy of Sciences committee to established the “Nutrient requirements of poultry”.
  • The department hosted the Budweiser Clydesdales at Mare Manor and Chancellor May stopped by for a brief visit.
  • Crystal and Shuang welcome Summer Yang Hu into their lives. Congratulations!


  • Anita Oberbauer and Lisa Lit’s research on scent detection dogs was featured on NPR.
  • Woodhead, a division of Elsevier, published “Advances in Cattle Welfare” edited by Cassandra Tucker as well as Advances in Agricultural Animal Welfare – Science and Practice and Advances in Poultry Welfare, both edited by Joy Mench. These books are part of a series, edited by Joy Mench, about the latest in animal welfare science for agricultural species.
  • Jennifer Hughes and Trish Berger publish “Regulation of apical blebbing in the porcine epididymis” in Journal of Anatomy.
  • Joel Van Eenennaam co-authors, with alumni Molly Webb and Frank Chapman, “A practical guide for assigning sex and stage of maturity in sturgeons and paddlefish” in Journal of Applied Ichthyology.
  • Maja Makagon and Richard Blatchford along with Co-P.I.s Beatriz Martinez-Lopez and Christine Nicol received a grant through the 2017 UC ANR High Risk, High Rewards Program for their research project "Smart Farming: Monitoring the health of chickens".


  • Alison Van Eenennaam spoke on “Innovation in Agricultural Science” at the 2017 Agribusiness Roundtable in Tempe, AZ and on “The Use and Impact of Genetic Technologies in the Dairy Industry” at the Professional Dairy Producers of Wisconsin Food & Policy Summit in Madison, WI. At the Canadian Agriculture and Agri-Food Genomics Forum in Toronto, Alison presented on “Science communication to obtain social license for use of genome editing in animal breeding programs”, and at the NSIF/PRRS joint conference on “Can Biotechnology Bring Home the Bacon?” in Chicago, IL.
  • Animal Science students, staff, and faculty attended the UC CE beef cattle workgroup meeting held in Reno, NV in conjunction with the California Cattlemen’s Association annual meeting. Alison Van Eenennaam presented on “Beef Cattle Genetics Extension Programming” at the workgroup meeting.
  • Frank Mitloehner presented a silage talk at the ISFQC congress in Brazil, as well as a sustainability talk at the Alberta Pork congress in Calgary, Canada, and a climate change talk at the CCA/Cal Cattlewomen meeting in Reno.
  • Tina Horback presented her work on "Novel behavioral indicators of pain in castrated piglets" at the National Pork Board's 1st annual Pig Welfare Symposium in Des Moines, IA.
  • Richard Blatchford was interviewed on the radio show “Local Dirt” on KDVS about Proposition 2 and laying hen welfare issues.