Department News and Updates! March 3, 2017


  • Ag Science Field Day!  Today and Tomorrow. Stop by and show your support (Cole, Meyer, Feedlot, Dairy)
  • Research by Greg Archer and Joy Mench featured in Science News article “For calmer chickens, bathe eggs in light”   
  • Ed DePeters was “Coach of the Day” for the UC Davis Women's Gymnastic team! Alexis (Lexi) Brown, an ANS major  student in NUT 115, asked Ed to be the honorary coach for the meet that involved Sacramento Sate University, San Jose State University, Seattle Pacific University & UC Davis. Ed was highly successful in his coaching debut: Lexi finished as the top all-around gymnast for the event and she along with AEE major Amanda Presswood  are on the UC Davis team that finished 1st in the tournament
  • Karinna Hissen won the Student Merit Award for Outstanding Poultry Student & the award for Best Poster Presentation by an undergraduate and Sadia Naseem won the award for Best Poster Presentation by a graduate student at the Pacific Egg & Poultry Association annual convention


  • Anita Oberbauer & Tom Famula co-authors on “Long-term genetic selection reduced prevalence of hip and elbow dysplasia in 60 dog breeds” in PlosOne


  • Frank Mitloehner keynote speaker at the Zoetis Dairy Wellness Summit in Milwaukee, WI presenting “Five main pillars of sustainability and societal debates on carbon footprint”; Frank also presented on sustainability to the global VitaPlus Company
  • Crystal Yang attended her first professional conference as a UCD ANS faculty member & gave a presentation on “Effect of radiant catalytic ionization on reduction of foodborne pathogens on beef” at 2017 Beef Industry Safety Summit, Huston, TX
  • Francine Bradley judged some 74 poultry showman at the California Society of Poultry Fanciers' Show in Fresno & also ran the California Avian Bowl State Qualifier
  • Francine Bradley and students Jordan Tonooka, Karinna Hissen, Vivian Yu, Sadia Naseem, & Ketwee Saksrithai attended the Pacific Egg & Poultry Association (PePa) annual convention in Maui; Francine played a key role in the PePa program