Department News and Updates! April 14, 2017


  • Maci Meuller Grand Slam Finalist; cheer her on (Apr 14 1-2 pm)
  • Huge thank you to Cheyenne Chen, Ed DePeters, Anna Denicol, Farm Crew (Mark Rubio, Frank Sauers, Jose Villaseñor), Megan Hayes, Lisa Holmes, Tina Horback, Kathryn Jackson, Peng Ji, Katherine Livingston, Christina Long, Emma Martinez, Mike Miller, Jim Murray Allen Pettey, Kristy Portillo & Avian staff, Frank Sauers, Dan Sehnert, Brenna Sullivan, Anne Todgham, Kyra Van Der Zalm for helping at Decision Day!
  • Allen Pettey selected to participate in the Wieman Summer Institute that trains education specialists that work in departments to assist in transforming teaching
  • ABG students Michaiah Leal & Brittany Davis (Todgham lab) presented their research at the American Fisheries Society Cal-Neva Meeting in Eureka, CA—Brittany was awarded the Best Student Oral Presentation & a Special Contribution Award for Website Development for the AFS
  • Research led by Maja Makagon & Sydney Baker (ABG MS student) was featured in the Aggie Xtra


  • Kristy Deiner, Josh Hull, & Bernie May author “Range-wide phylogeographic structure of the vernal pool fairy shrimp (Branchinecta lynchi)” in PLOS ONE
  • Juan Medrano & Alma Islas co-authors of “SNP detection using RNA-sequences of candidate genes associated with puberty in cattle” in Genetics and Molecular Research


  • Richard Blatchford served as an expert panelist for the School of Veterinary Medicine's Animal Welfare Mini-Conference
  • Firefighters and police from UC Davis trained in large animal handling & psychology to equip them for dealing with incidents involving animals; thanks to Aaron Prinz, Don Harper, Dan Sehnert, Kyle Wood, & Amy McLean for coordinating the animal facilities
  • Alison Van Eenennaam presented two lectures at Purdue University, Indianapolis; one entitled “Animal breeding:  an important component of agricultural sustainability, or animal cruelty?” to The Purdue Lectures in Ethics, Policy, and Science, Purdue Philosophy Department and the other “Connecting with Skeptical Audiences” to the Purdue Animal Science Department
  • Juan Medrano participated in the Board Meeting of Zamorano University in Honduras
  • Alison Van Eenennaam and two other members of the USDA AFRI-funded BRD CAP (Curt Van Tassell, USDA ARS; Mark Enns, Colorado State University) participated in the Capitol Hill Agricultural Exhibition and Reception in Washington DC to showcase showcase examples of the value of USDA-supported Research, Education, and Extension.
  • Frank Mitloehner presented to the Zoetis/Diamond V Dairy Peer Group Summit in Paso Robles, CA. where he spoke to CA’s top dairy producers on methane emissions & regulation; he also was a special guest  presenter on “Sustainability in Animal Agriculture” at Monsanto’s Headquarters in St. Louis; another talk was to the Oregon Dairy Industries (ODI) in Salem, OR,  on "How to satisfy a growing global demand for animal protein without depleting natural resources"; he presented "Environmental regulation climate in California" to Newtrient in Denver, CO
  • Juan Medrano visited the Rouse Ranch Colorado State Beef Improvement Center in Encampment, Wyoming as part of a research collaboration on bovine hypertension.