Department News and Updates! July 20, 2018


  • Jan Roser and Amy McLean taught participants about veterinary and equine care and management while packing through the high Sierra on the Annual UCD Pack Trip.


  • Amanda Finger, Alyssa Benjamin, Bernie May, and colleagues published "A conservation hatchery population of Delta Smelt shows evidence of genetic adaptation to captivity after 9 generations" in the Journal of Heredity.


  • Russ Hovey attended the University of Sydney Dairy Research Symposium and gave a talk on “ Dairying in California: what are the lessons for the Australian dairy industry?” and a hands-on producer workshop “Milk synthesis, harvesting, and quality”.
  • Simin Tang presented “WISP2 expression in testis correlates to increased Sertoli cell proliferation in letrozole-treated juvenile boars” and Kim Miller presented “What does the unique pattern of bovine Sertoli cell proliferation tell us?” at the Society for the Study of Reproduction (SSR) Annual Meeting in New Orleans.