Department News and Updates! August 3, 2018


  • Sarah Klopatek, Maci Mueller, Jim Oltjen, Don Harper and Dan Sehnert attended the California Beef Cattle Improvement Association tour and annual event in Klamath County, Oregon.


  • Anne Todgham co-authored “Plastic responses to diel thermal variation in juvenile green sturgeon, Acipenser medirostris” in the Journal of Thermal Biology.
  • Matthias Hess, Frank Mitloehner and Ellen Lai published “Profiling of the microbiome associated with nitrogen removal during vermifiltration of wastewater from a commercial dairy” in Frontiers in Microbiology.


  • Anne Todgham and her graduate students Michaiah Leal, Annelise Del Rio, Mandy Frazier and Erin Flynn, along with Jens Hamar (Kueltz lab) presented their research at the International Congress on the Biology of Fish in Calgary, Alberta.