Brandon Vedder and Tasha Thompson in Miller Lab

Department News and Updates: January 18, 2019


  • The Aggie Classic Sale 2019 (lambs and pigs) will be held at the Cole Facility on Saturday, January 26th.
  • Goat Day 2019 will be held on campus on Saturday, January 26th.
  • Brandon Vedder, an award winning documentary filmmaker, was in the Miller Lab for a photo shoot featur¬ing Tasha Thompson and her work with Chinook salmon.


  • Yanhong Liu, Vivian Perng and Kwangwook Kim published "Algae-derived p-glucan enhanced gut health and immune responses of weaned pigs experimentally infected with a pathogenic E. coli" in Animal Feed Science and Technology.
  • Matthias Hess and Charles Brooke published "A 2.08 A resolution structure of HLB5, a novel cellulase from the anaerobic gut bacterium Parabacteroides johnsonii DSM 18315" in BioRxiv.
  • Matthias Hess, Ermias Kebreab, Charles Brooke, Breanna Roque, Tamsen Polley, Lyndsey March and Neg¬een Najafi published "Effect of the macroalgae Asparagopsis taxiformis on methane production and the ru¬men microbiome assemblage" in Animal Microbiome.