photo of sheep

Department News and Updates: January 25, 2019


  • The Aggie Classic Sale (lambs and pigs) and Goat Day 2019 will be held tomorrow on campus.


  • Alison Van Eenennaam spoke on "What are Genetically Modified Foods (CMOs)? And what are they so controversial?" at the Casa de las Campanas Retirement Community "Our World" lecture series in San Diego, CA. She also spoke in Des Moines, Iowa on "Science & Public Perception about Technology and Food Production" to the Iowa Soybean Producers Association Annual Meeting, on "Food Myths" to the Iowa Soybean Producers Association Public Influencers Meeting, and on "Were Those the Days? Animal Ag Then & Now" at the Iowa Pork Producers Association Annual Meeting.
  • Tina Horback , Kaleiah Schiller (PhD Animal Biology), Patrick Cogo (4th year ANS student), and Lauren Cromwell (3rd year ANS student) participated in the UCCE workshop, "preparing ewes for lambing" in Au¬burn, CA.


  • Ryan Bourbour, Breanna Martinico, Megan Mayo Crane and Josh Hull published "Messy eaters: Swabbing prey DNA from the exterior of inconspicuous when foraging cannot be observed" in Ecology and Evolution.
  • Cassandra Tucker published "Culling Decisions and Dairy Cattle Welfare During Transport to Slaughter in the United States" in Frontiers in Veterinary Science.